Peer Pressure

Remember when you were a teenager and peer pressure was the bane of your life? You ever had to do things you didn’t really want to in order to impress people or when you did stuff you wanted to your parents thought you’d been pushed into it and looked disappointed.

Like many things, peer pressure becomes more fun and positive as you get more adult and turns into something more like influence than low level coercion. I was not the kind of kid people copied at school so I’m finding the feedback since I started the blog extremely flattering.

I’ve been chatting with a few readers and a few people via Craigslist and seeing the impact Candi’s orders have on other people is incredible. few things are sexier to me than a good anecdote and I loved the potential sissy’s story about playing with himself in a changing room while trying on clothes recently after my fisting trip to Selfridges inspired him.

Or the gorgeous girl I told to fuck herself at work with a cucumber who told me she came four times in 20 minutes and then had to go back to work straight afterwards. Or the man who fisted someone for the first time after reading so tips here.

And not forgetting my own best friend, who is well aware of Candi’s behaviours, and texted me at 1am last night asking advice on how to stretch her girlfriend’s cunt with an enormous dildo.

My Master has created a monster. Who knew his orders would have such an impact on so many people…?

Peer Pressure

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