Taking Charge

My Master arrived to find Princess and I slightly fucked out but he wasted no time in giving orders to get us both ready for him.

I was to put the larger pighole inside me and and kneel over Princess so she and I could both lick each other while he fucked my stretched rubber cunt. This was partly because it’s ridiculously hot and partly to remind Princess what she’s missing out on not taking the pig hole just yet.

It slipped into her beautifully but opening it out still caused her discomfort and she asked me to take it out and put my fist in instead. But I refused and she got to watch her husband fucking me with it in as a mix of reward and punishment for not taking it herself.

Having his come drip right out me and onto his face and chest just added to it all and my Master’s cock was hard again almost immediately seeing it. But instead of fucking her he ordered her onto her back and started using his fist on her while I held the wand on her clit.

She was even greedier for fisting than when I’d fucked her earlier that day and when he asked her if she wanted his whole fist for the first time even thought it would hurt, she didn’t even pause.

He pushed his whole clenched fist into her and she almost lifted off the bed. She was squirming in pleasure with a little pain and enjoying both equally. It was unbelievable to watch her becoming more and more undone as she came round his fist with the wand full power on her clit.

He was so turned on, he immediately pulled her on top of him and slipped his hard cock into her stretched gaping cunt and told me to slip a finger in there too. She barely noticed the extra addition and she certainly didn’t when he signalled to me to put three fingers in there as he fucked her.

She’s never looked better than exhausted with smudged make up and a gaping cunt and his come dripping all over her. An afternoon very well spent…

Taking Charge

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