Week’s End

Friday afternoon is a perfect time to fuck. Everyone else is at work, clock watching and there’s a strange sense of illicitness to spending it in bed with your Master’s wife.

In fact, it’s such a good feeling, I’ve done it twice in two weeks now. Yesterday I brought Princess back here and ordered her to strip off except for the velvet collar and black bra she was wearing, then to kneel on the bed with her back to me.

Then I rubbed my glass dildo fresh from the fridge over her hot wet cunt and slipped it inside her, listening to her gasp at how cold it was. It’s a small toy (by my standards) with an average girth, but I love it. The ridges on it making fucking either my cunt or my ass a joy and Princess seemed to agree.

She was enjoying the toy so much she actually took it out of my hand and started fucking herself harder and harder with it. I took it out and tried the ribbed end on her and her cunt wasn’t as greedy for it as the ridges.

I slipped it back in ridges and all and let her run the the wand on her clit as I fucked her with the glass toy until she came hard as the toy had warmed before her and itself up beautifully.

So beautifully in fact, she reciprocated by slipping it into me, still warm from her cunt and fucking me with it while she licked me and played with my ass. That’s my kind of temperature play right there.

My Master had given me instructions for Princess. He wanted me to have her able to take the smaller of the two pigholes by the end of the afternoon. She’s still a little wary of them so I decided to stretch her more with my fist.

I’m starting to get to know her more and getting past my worry that I’m hurting her with my fist so am able to stretch her further and fuck her harder. This time her cunt practically swallowed my fist with ease so I was able to clench it and really fuck her. And I definitely wasn’t hurting her because she grabbed my wrist and asked me to destroy her with my fist.

wet fist

I’m not sure I managed that but I did fist fuck her to an howling orgasm and get my fist buried so far up to the wrist I couldn’t believe it could go so deep. When I slipped it out again, it also looked like I’d made her ejaculate as there was something white that didn’t look or taste like lube.

No wonder we were nearly broken when my Master let himself into my flat to find us in the bedroom…

Week’s End

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