My Master arrived back from his run to me and Princess fucked out on his bed and impressed to see how much of the John Holmes toy she had taken. I told him how I’d stretched her out with my fist and he ordered me to show him.

He put me up on knees between Princess’s legs and had me slip my fist into her as he flogged my ass and cunt. This was my first time being on the receiving end on the flogger. Each flick and slap didn’t hurt per se, more create sensation that made me squirm in pleasure.

It made it a little distracting to get my fist into Princess but my Master wasn’t going to stop flogging me until I did. This time her cunt pretty much pulled my fist in she was so stretched and wet.

As soon as my Master saw my fist inside his wife, he started fucking my cunt from behind so that he controlled the speed at which I fucked Princess. My fist has never gone so deep and both she and I were completely in the moment as I made her come and he made my come.

Then just as we were about to lose it, he ordered us to switch places because my cunt didn’t seem stretched enough. I was on my back with her fist inside me and the wand on my clit watching him fuck her from behind, feeling him set the pace with his cock as I came again.

My Master was the only one who hadn’t come so he ordered Princess to suck his cock which tasted of both our cunts and she sucked him so hard she looked broken when he finally flipped her down onto the bed and ordered me to kneel over her so she could lick my cunt.

My head went between her legs and he fucked my cunt again from behind since Princess’s fist had stretched me open again and came hard and deep into me, ordering Princess to lick me clean.

All three of us were hot and sweaty and overwhelmed and even more so when the doorbell rang to say their friend had arrived 15 minutes early for dinner. I’ve never dressed faster in my life…



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