Both Princess and I work from home at the moment. Being totally distracted by her means I’m getting very little done though. So when I had a meeting within walking distance of where she lives, I spent the two hours not focused on anything else instead.

I told her I was coming round and was surprised to discover my Master at working from home as well. But he was taking advantage of his schedule to go for a run and allowed me to remain behind with Princess as long as he got a photograph of me sliding the big John Holmes toy into her cunt while he was out.

Princess had other ideas to start with. She wanted my fist inside her and I was happy to oblige. I’d got most of my fist into her on Friday but my knuckles hadn’t been able to slide completely in.

But this time my fist just kept sliding into her. I’ve never seen her wetter and she was so stretched my whole fist slipped in right up to my wrist and I was able to fuck her slowly with my clenched fist while she ran the wand on her clit.

Her orgasm was spectacular. She lifted right off the bed and feeling her cunt clench round my fist was one of the most intense experiences of my life. Both of us felt empty when I eventually took my fist out.

So the only answer was to slip the John Holmes toy into her now stretched cunt and fuck her while she was still so stimulated. I also managed to send a photograph to my Master before Princess responded to her orgasm by fucking my cunt with her hand as she slapped her palm against my clit until I came.

It’s no wonder we were lying on the bed feeling collapsed when my Master came back from his run…


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