After I spent the afternoon with Princess the other day, both of us were incredibly hungry and she invited me to have dinner with her and my Master.

Knowing they were meeting friends, I accepted expecting just food, but I should have known my Master would have other plans.

We got back to their flat and when Princess went into the bathroom to repair the make up I’d spent all afternoon happily smudging all over her face, my Master ordered me to kneel outside the door with his cock in my mouth for her to see when she came back out.

She found the sight incredibly hot and next thing both of us were on our knees in front of him taking turns to suck his cock and kiss each other. I was so wet she could feel it through my trousers as she put her hand between my legs.

The doorbell ringing in the middle of it didn’t put my Master off his stride at all. He simply ordered both of us to ignore it and for me to open my mouth and put my tongue out as he stroked his cock in front of my face.

Just as the bell rang a second time, he put his cock in my mouth and came hard into it. A few seconds later with the taste of his come on my lips I was sitting at the kitchen table while he pretended to his friend that the doorbell wasn’t working hence the delay.

I’m pretty sure when the friend finally arrived that I looked like butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth, let alone that I’d just had my Master’s cock in it…


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