You can’t transform someone without a little effort which is how I came to take Princess shopping on a Saturday afternoon. She needed clothes that capture her mixture of innocent looking and yet slutty minded and my Master had given me the responsibility to find them for her.

I started emphatically with a white rubber skirt. All schoolgirlish charm until you get close up and realise its latex inspired ways. Just a pity that there was no room to misbehave in the changing rooms while she was wearing it.

Then an impulsive wander into a store neither of us had heard of paid dividends with a beautiful black lace bra, a leather skirt, a very short tennis style skirt that cries out for no underwear and a black dress that just needs stockings and suspenders to complete the look.

I was amused to see how easy it is for two women shopping together to share a changing room like friends on a day out. None of that being banished to lurk around outside like when you’re a man. This changing room was more spacious and I got as far as stripping off but the pressure of people queuing right outside prevented me from ordering Princess to go further.

I knew my Master wouldn’t be happy when he had specifically instructed Princess to lick my clit in every single changing room when we were out. I needed somewhere the noise of other people would cure my nerves not increase them.

Like so many things on the British high street, the answer was Marks and Spencer. The changing rooms in Oxford Street are spacious and just public enough to get private. Plus Princess needed a white shirt to go with that leather skirt.

Wearing only her shirt, Princess finally got to lick my dripping wet cunt as I leaned against the wall of the changing room hearing other women on either side discussing their day to day lives, completely unaware of the orgasm happening just beside them.

I’m not sure which felt filthier afterwards: seeing Princess with the lipstick she stopped off to apply in MAC on the way to M&S smeared all over her now soaking wet face or seeing my cunt covered in it as I got dressed again. Either way I suspect we were the only people having so much fun in amongst the non iron shirts and practical shoes today.

Next stop was much more overtly sexual with a trip to Ann Summers for lingerie. One of my orders to Princess is to get her wearing the kind of underwear that is the opposite of practical. We weren’t able to share a changing room here but she did leave with a black harness bra so sexy I was soaking wet again instantly.

My Master seemed to approve of our excursion so far and ordered me to send Princess home dressed for him to take her out. One last changing room and I had her dressed in that harness bra with a top sheer enough to hint at it underneath and the leather skirt before taking her home, very pleased with her obedience.

By the time I’d walked in the door, my Master had sent me a photo on her on her knees with his cock in her mouth. I think he liked the bra as much as I did…

lipstick smeared



Today was a rather eventful day following my Master’s orders for changing and modifying my body. Firstly a consultation for laser hair removal to make sure my cunt is completely and permanently smooth.

My Master made sure I had ridden the big John Holmes toy for four minutes and come twice before I went. I was amused by the instruction for four minutes until I remembered that when he filmed Princess licking my cunt the other night it took me four minutes to come. His attention to detail does it for me every time.

I went to the clinic stretched and well fucked without any underwear and was mightily disappointed to discover that I’m not a suitable candidate for the hair removal. I’ll be sticking with razors from now on it seems.

But my second task of the day was more successful. I finally got to see my piercer and get my upper ear pierced on my Master’s instruction that it’s perfect for slutty girls with poor decision making.

This is my fourth piercing in a year, all since I met my Master and since he ordered me to modify my body for his approval. I’ve had both nipples, my clit hood, my nose and now my ear pierced and this won’t be my last piercing by any stretch of the imagination.

It was interestingly enough the most painful of all my piercings so far and I was very glad my Master had distracted me with making me go into a bar and play with my clit piercing first.

Between that and a very hot conversation between him and Princess, I was incredibly wet when the needle went through my ear and while it hurt, it was the kind of pain you want to breathe into instead of back away from.

Even now while my ear is quite tender, I don’t mind the pain. It’s like the warm ache from spanking Princess’s ass with my bare hand or when my Master was pinching my thighs and nipples while I sat on his knee and fucked him the other night. I’m starting to understand the connection between pleasure and pain finally…



I have a mountain of work to do and I should really be doing some housework too and yet I’m doing neither. Instead I’m researching outfits and ideas for Princess to wear as part of my Master’s plan for me to transform her.

I’m taking her shopping this weekend and instructing her what to buy and it seems like an excellent way for me to learn to give orders and start choreographing scenes with a submissive to build up my skills.

I’ve been loving the dynamic of playing with Princess and my Master together recently but noticed that I find it difficult to give orders when I’m turned on. I’m so used to being submissive to my Master and have a tendency to go into what people term ‘subspace‘ which makes it hard for me to multi task.

Each person’s subspace varies and not everyone does it but for me I become a mixture of very relaxed yet very heightened in feeling and sense. My reactions are oddly slowed yet I feel everything more. Sensations that would normally be unpleasant or overwhelming become deeply enjoyable and almost soothing.

It’s a bit like a sexual equivalent of that two drink buzz when you’re relaxed enough to feel like your best self but not realise you are impaired in any way. I lose my nerves and become very focused but have a tendency to not being able to make much sound or think in linear thoughts.

Not only is it about being the right headspace of quite an intense sexual scenario that requires a lot of trust, biology means all the blood is rushing from my head to my cunt and I don’t think straight. It tends to make me very tired but giddy afterwards too.

I know some people refer to the concept of ‘top space’ too as where a Dom goes in a scene and I’m now intrigued as to how much of this is learned behaviours, personal reaction and biology. I notice my Master often gets even better at giving orders or more able to articulate himself as the scene goes on and it can last for a while after it finishes.


For someone like me who really struggles to make any sound while playing, I suspect this is going to take as much training in many ways as my submissiveness did. So I look forward to starting with Princess when we’re in public…



Last night I got to start my transformation of my Master’s wife. I took her to get her hair done and very much enjoyed watching her have it dyed. I so enjoy having my own head and hair touched that it turns out watching a beautiful woman have the same done is a very enjoyable experience for me.

In fact it got me very much in the mood to play with her and my Master afterwards. Plans got slightly complicated by how the salon took but it ended up working very well.

I came back to mine and dressed in my favourite red harness bra that I knew my Master hadn’t seen on me yet and waited blindfolded for his wife to let herself in and lick my pussy so that the first person to see her new slutty look was my Master.

But she got held up so my Master came round first and I knelt for him while he tightened my corset tighter than I’ve ever worn it and he fucked me before leading me into my living room to wait for his wife there to complete her orders.

My order was to moan as loudly as possible while she was licking my clit so that she wouldn’t know he was already there. And to be honest I forgot he was there as she expertly licked my soaking wet pussy because it felt so good. It was until he spanked her ass that either of us knew he was in the room.

I wish I’d seen her face at that point but I was too busy coming and being pulled onto my Master’s lap to fuck his cock while sitting on his knee as his wife continued to lick my cunt. Between us, he and I ordered her to add her fingers to my cunt along with his cock until we got to four.

I was losing count of my orgasms at this point but my Master moved us to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed with her head toward to the foot of it and me kneeling above her. She licked me and I licked her and my Master fucked my cunt from behind.

I know now why he tightened the corset so much so he could grab it and use it to fuck me so hard all I could do was press into her cunt and get fucked to orgasm. He came into me and ordered his wife to lick it out of my dripping cunt.

She then gave me two more orgasms until I reached the magic number 7 and let her come with the wand on her clit and her mouth on his cock. She was so incredible with her new hair we decided she needed a new name. It could only be Princess…



My Master has given me an assignment. I’m going to transform his wife’s image so it best reflects her innocent face but filthy mind.

I’ve already got her in a waist trainer and wearing the jiggle balls, but tonight I have other plans for her hair. And then my Master and I plan to fuck her so she can show her gratitude properly.

And I’ve got an idea already for how to dress her before our shopping trip this weekend. My Master has given me permission to have fun with her in a changing room



Yesterday looked like being a lazy day after my rather enjoyable wake up call from my Master. I planned to take advantage of the wet weather to be grown up and do housework, but then my Master’s wife asked if I was free to going make up shopping.

Now make up is my other great love in life after sex so I was disappointed to say I couldn’t but I did suggest she call round afterwards to show me what she bought. We sat on my sofa just chatting about lipstick and drinking tea and genuinely just hanging out. No smut.

For some reason the conversation turned to how neither of us like traditional rom coms and how we might not be traditional women and then we noticed it was raining so heavily the road of outside my flat was flooding. We joked that if we were in a rom com that would be romantic.

And then we realised she was stuck inside my flat and we could make a much better use of time than rom com tropes. I messaged my Master to ask if I could let his wife make me come and he allowed it but with a punishment for not letting him know what we were doing first.

We’d have to work hard this time. No toys, no hands, except for me spanking her. She had to make me come twice and then leave when the rain stopped. And then she distracted me so much I know now why that line about ‘is it raining?’ might have come into creation (although that might have ended up being a very different film.)

She licked my cunt so well she made me come three times and ejaculate harder than I’ve ever managed before. Watching her rub my come all over my soaking wet cunt and then keep licking it before kissing me was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen or experienced.

I’m the only person looking forward to a long wet summer at this rate…


Play Time

I don’t know if the stars are aligned in some way right now or I’m just having all the luck in the world, but I got chatting to a woman last night who is articulate and interesting and turns out to be gorgeous and deliciously slutty and submissive.

It turned into one of the most enjoyable Saturday nights I’ve ever had. She was sitting in a room with people watching football and unbeknownst to them, our conversation was turning from chit chat to getting turned on.

By the end of the evening I was so wet and horny I wouldn’t sleep for ages. My Master has forbidden me to masturbate at the moment and all I wanted to do last night after this long incredibly hot conversation was fuck myself into a heap with that John Holmes toy and then have filthy dreams.

Instead I deliberately read the dullest, driest book I had on my Kindle and watched the news. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d have had a cold shower. But my mind was racing with what she was doing now and with telling my Master about it all this morning.

I woke up full of dreams of fucking and to an email so hot from this woman it actually made my stomach jump before going straight to my cunt. I finally understand why people say about getting hot under the collar. I kept fanning myself as I read it.

Then I messaged my Master to tell him I was hoping to meet her. He got me to tell him what I was imagining when I did and I described knowing that she would be wearing no underwear and that no one around us would suspect we were on a date. The secrecy of both would add to it.

I think he enjoyed my description as he told I was could use the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy to make myself come while he got his cock sucked by his wife. Despite being so wet, it took me a minute or two to take the fist because I was just so overwhelmed.

But watching her wrapped round his cock made it slip right inside and I fucked it knowing he was picturing me and that I would get to tell her what I’d been doing while thinking about her.

I came so hard the fist slipped right out and my legs just buckled so I ended up face first in my own come and just lay there thinking that this is better than winning the Lottery…


Play Time