So my Master was in excellent form after our night out and decided we should go to his and Princess’s house to end the evening. Things started to build up slightly in the cab as Princess sat in the middle of us and running her hand up my leg and under my dress.

I thought she was being quite subtle until the cab driver moved the front seat forward to get a better view and was clearly craning his neck to hear the conversation. God knows what we did to my Master’s Uber rating.

It didn’t take much to get things started in the bedroom after that. My Master was in the mood to kiss. Hard deep kisses that bit at my lips and went straight to my cunt. As did his hands.

He’d ordered me to dress to impress and wear a corset on the night out, but my waist training has been so successful that wearing the corset makes my waist so small that none of my clothes fit over it without ending up oddly shapeless.

I had to go back to the waist trainer to wear the dress I wanted to wear. Short, tight, black and perfect to wear without a bra and give a hint of my piercings in the pub. But I was running too late after trying the corset to sort stockings and a suspender belt.

So when my Master put his hands under my dress I was wearing tights. There was a moment of irritation on his part that I hadn’t made enough effort and then he enjoyed seeing how wet I was that he could feel it through 100 denier.

And then he just ripped the crotch of my tights open and starting fucking me with his fist. I am not sure I’ve ever found anything so hot in my life (and that’s saying something considering my current life.) Knowing that he had made Princess kneel on the floor of their bedroom with her hands on her head watching this just added to it.

Then he ordered her up onto their bed to start licking my clit and for the next hour, the two of them just made me come and come again. She licked, she fisted me, he fucked me and I completely lost all track of everything except how good they were making me feel.

My Master kept ripping my tights further and further and each tear got me wetter to the point where I think he probably could have made me come with just the noise of the fabric tearing. I have never worn tights around him before but I think he remembered me sending him this incredibly hot story once even if my own ass didn’t want to be fucked last night.

At one point, my Master gave me a break from coming repeatedly to allow Princess to come. She was there with the wand on her clit as I sat on his cock and kissed her and she looked so beautiful arching her back with her mouth open enjoying what we were all doing.

Then he flipped me onto all fours with her licking me from beneath and made me turn my head to watch him fuck me until he came ridiculously hard into my soaking stretched cunt and I felt like I’d never stop coming until I was broken.

My Master and Princess offered to let me spend the night but I had to go home instead. and I have to admit it was ridiculously hot to walk home in the lull of a huge thunderstorm in a very short dress with my tights ripped open and my Master’s come dripping out of me and my legs still shaking.

Especially knowing I’d also uploaded a video to Clips 4 Sale while I was out. I’m finally multi-tasking…




3 thoughts on “Nightcap

  1. […] I thought he’d like the second outfit even more though. A very tight black leotard that gave quite the view of my tits and new waist and my legs all at once. I was tempted to wear it over the fishnets for full impact but that would have meant ripping them to fuck myself and I think I prefer the idea of him doing that. […]


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