I went to the pub last night with my Master and Princess along with some other friends. He had instructed me to dress to impress and to bring the toy of my choice so that depending on how his mood took him, he could order me to make me come with it.

And what a mood he was in. I think it was less than ten minutes before he subtly gave me my order and I went to the toilets. I’d brought the inflatable toy I haven’t used in a while and wanted to see if I could beat my previous record of number of pumps to inflate it.

I managed thirty pumps and then came round it. I’d only just put it away when Princess knocked on the toilet door. I let her in and she was straight onto her knees licking my cunt until I came again with my hands in her hair.

As I was leaving the cubicle it was ridiculously hot to see her wiping her mouth and then see her arrive back at the table with immaculately applied make up that no one else realised the meaning of.

The evening relaxed with lots of wine and then my Master had me back in the toilets with the same subtle order and this time I managed to get the inflatable toy to a record thirty two pumps and was struggling to keep it in as I came incredibly hard.

Princess came back into the toilets and I had to decline to let her lick me again or my legs would have given way and despite not drinking, I’d have started slurring my words in a suspicious way. I had no idea I had this willpower.

My Master was a little annoyed that I disobeyed an order and even more so when Princess and I couldn’t manage to get away from the table to send him an order of a photo of her with her fist in my cunt.

But then he won the jackpot on the referendum sweepstake in the pub and booked a cab to take both Princess and I home together…



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