Playing Away

My Master has given me permission to use Princess any time I choose. I am not allowed to masturbate when I could have her lick my pussy instead and we both learn to be even more submissive to him at the same time.

He happened to be away yesterday and I happened to be near their flat and decided I would use the opportunity wisely. I had a lunch meeting which seemed to go on forever since I had a plug in my ass and a soaking wet cunt throughout knowing where I was going next.

I have only ever been in my Master’s house once before when he blindfolded me and fucked me in the latex catsuit, so it felt slightly strange that the first time I saw the place with his half naked wife in front of me.

But any strangeness went out of my head immediately when she started licking my cunt until I came. Her mouth feels so incredible on me that she makes me come every time, usually ejaculating as well as orgasming.

I’ve always enjoyed being licked but it’s rarely made me come. In fact not since a boyfriend I last saw in 2003 have I come from it, yet yesterday I wasn’t sure I could stop coming when Princess was doing it.

The she slipped her fist into me and fucked me with her clenched fist with the plug in my ass until I came again before almost lapping at me inside with two fingers and then a third as she slapped her palm against my clit.

I’m used to more fingers but this felt incredible. I just went blank apart from just coming and coming and again with hands on Princess’s beautiful tits and my legs wrapped round hers in a blur of orgasms.

She actually reduced me to a state where I couldn’t have let her touch me again everything was so sensitive. All I could do was lie on their bed and let the blood rush back to my head again and think how lucky I am right now…

Playing Away

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