Today was a rather eventful day following my Master’s orders for changing and modifying my body. Firstly a consultation for laser hair removal to make sure my cunt is completely and permanently smooth.

My Master made sure I had ridden the big John Holmes toy for four minutes and come twice before I went. I was amused by the instruction for four minutes until I remembered that when he filmed Princess licking my cunt the other night it took me four minutes to come. His attention to detail does it for me every time.

I went to the clinic stretched and well fucked without any underwear and was mightily disappointed to discover that I’m not a suitable candidate for the hair removal. I’ll be sticking with razors from now on it seems.

But my second task of the day was more successful. I finally got to see my piercer and get my upper ear pierced on my Master’s instruction that it’s perfect for slutty girls with poor decision making.

This is my fourth piercing in a year, all since I met my Master and since he ordered me to modify my body for his approval. I’ve had both nipples, my clit hood, my nose and now my ear pierced and this won’t be my last piercing by any stretch of the imagination.

It was interestingly enough the most painful of all my piercings so far and I was very glad my Master had distracted me with making me go into a bar and play with my clit piercing first.

Between that and a very hot conversation between him and Princess, I was incredibly wet when the needle went through my ear and while it hurt, it was the kind of pain you want to breathe into instead of back away from.

Even now while my ear is quite tender, I don’t mind the pain. It’s like the warm ache from spanking Princess’s ass with my bare hand or when my Master was pinching my thighs and nipples while I sat on his knee and fucked him the other night. I’m starting to understand the connection between pleasure and pain finally…


One thought on “Changed

  1. David says:

    Dear Candi – I mis-typed my email address, in case you did want to get in touch. I’ve corrected it below.

    Best wishes again,


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