Last night I got to start my transformation of my Master’s wife. I took her to get her hair done and very much enjoyed watching her have it dyed. I so enjoy having my own head and hair touched that it turns out watching a beautiful woman have the same done is a very enjoyable experience for me.

In fact it got me very much in the mood to play with her and my Master afterwards. Plans got slightly complicated by how the salon took but it ended up working very well.

I came back to mine and dressed in my favourite red harness bra that I knew my Master hadn’t seen on me yet and waited blindfolded for his wife to let herself in and lick my pussy so that the first person to see her new slutty look was my Master.

But she got held up so my Master came round first and I knelt for him while he tightened my corset tighter than I’ve ever worn it and he fucked me before leading me into my living room to wait for his wife there to complete her orders.

My order was to moan as loudly as possible while she was licking my clit so that she wouldn’t know he was already there. And to be honest I forgot he was there as she expertly licked my soaking wet pussy because it felt so good. It was until he spanked her ass that either of us knew he was in the room.

I wish I’d seen her face at that point but I was too busy coming and being pulled onto my Master’s lap to fuck his cock while sitting on his knee as his wife continued to lick my cunt. Between us, he and I ordered her to add her fingers to my cunt along with his cock until we got to four.

I was losing count of my orgasms at this point but my Master moved us to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed with her head toward to the foot of it and me kneeling above her. She licked me and I licked her and my Master fucked my cunt from behind.

I know now why he tightened the corset so much so he could grab it and use it to fuck me so hard all I could do was press into her cunt and get fucked to orgasm. He came into me and ordered his wife to lick it out of my dripping cunt.

She then gave me two more orgasms until I reached the magic number 7 and let her come with the wand on her clit and her mouth on his cock. She was so incredible with her new hair we decided she needed a new name. It could only be Princess…


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