Yesterday looked like being a lazy day after my rather enjoyable wake up call from my Master. I planned to take advantage of the wet weather to be grown up and do housework, but then my Master’s wife asked if I was free to going make up shopping.

Now make up is my other great love in life after sex so I was disappointed to say I couldn’t but I did suggest she call round afterwards to show me what she bought. We sat on my sofa just chatting about lipstick and drinking tea and genuinely just hanging out. No smut.

For some reason the conversation turned to how neither of us like traditional rom coms and how we might not be traditional women and then we noticed it was raining so heavily the road of outside my flat was flooding. We joked that if we were in a rom com that would be romantic.

And then we realised she was stuck inside my flat and we could make a much better use of time than rom com tropes. I messaged my Master to ask if I could let his wife make me come and he allowed it but with a punishment for not letting him know what we were doing first.

We’d have to work hard this time. No toys, no hands, except for me spanking her. She had to make me come twice and then leave when the rain stopped. And then she distracted me so much I know now why that line about ‘is it raining?’ might have come into creation (although that might have ended up being a very different film.)

She licked my cunt so well she made me come three times and ejaculate harder than I’ve ever managed before. Watching her rub my come all over my soaking wet cunt and then keep licking it before kissing me was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen or experienced.

I’m the only person looking forward to a long wet summer at this rate…


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