Play Time

I don’t know if the stars are aligned in some way right now or I’m just having all the luck in the world, but I got chatting to a woman last night who is articulate and interesting and turns out to be gorgeous and deliciously slutty and submissive.

It turned into one of the most enjoyable Saturday nights I’ve ever had. She was sitting in a room with people watching football and unbeknownst to them, our conversation was turning from chit chat to getting turned on.

By the end of the evening I was so wet and horny I wouldn’t sleep for ages. My Master has forbidden me to masturbate at the moment and all I wanted to do last night after this long incredibly hot conversation was fuck myself into a heap with that John Holmes toy and then have filthy dreams.

Instead I deliberately read the dullest, driest book I had on my Kindle and watched the news. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d have had a cold shower. But my mind was racing with what she was doing now and with telling my Master about it all this morning.

I woke up full of dreams of fucking and to an email so hot from this woman it actually made my stomach jump before going straight to my cunt. I finally understand why people say about getting hot under the collar. I kept fanning myself as I read it.

Then I messaged my Master to tell him I was hoping to meet her. He got me to tell him what I was imagining when I did and I described knowing that she would be wearing no underwear and that no one around us would suspect we were on a date. The secrecy of both would add to it.

I think he enjoyed my description as he told I was could use the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy to make myself come while he got his cock sucked by his wife. Despite being so wet, it took me a minute or two to take the fist because I was just so overwhelmed.

But watching her wrapped round his cock made it slip right inside and I fucked it knowing he was picturing me and that I would get to tell her what I’d been doing while thinking about her.

I came so hard the fist slipped right out and my legs just buckled so I ended up face first in my own come and just lay there thinking that this is better than winning the Lottery…


Play Time

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