My Master’s wife is lovely, but she’s a little bit bratty and keeps forgetting her orders so obviously she must learn by being punished.

It was decided yesterday that because two orders had been disobeyed she would be punished by not going until I had come four times. One of those orgasms would be self administered as I used the fist toy while out on an errand for my Master. But his wife would be giving me the next three.

And we would be playing just the two of us without the presence of my Master this time so I’d need to be giving some orders too. Oddly I wasn’t nervous except for excitement but I did ask him to give me some outlines for the orders to help.

He excelled himself. Starting with very clear orders and then allowing me enough room to adapt and be flexible so I could start to practise my own style. I also liked that he used parallels to how I serve him.

Very often when he and I play, I leave my front door open and he lets himself in to find me kneeling blindfolded on the floor wet and waiting for him. This time he ordered his wife to let herself in and blindfold herself and wait in my living room.

But she almost disobeyed another order on the way to mine so the punishment was altered to include me needing to spank her ass twenty times each side. I told her to wait for me hands on the sofa, ass in the air and blindfolded.

That moment as I watched her from the door before she knew I was in the room was amazing and I could feel my cunt twitching with each step toward her and then I was spanking her ass hard enough to leave red hand prints.

Each time my hand hit her and her body registered it, my cunt got wetter and wetter until I could feel it dripping. I have never been interested in being spanked and never though of spanking anyone else and suddenly I’ve discovered my cunt loves it so much just typing this is having the same effect.

I sent my Master a photo of her marked ass, kissed each red mark and then slipped onto the sofa in front of her so she could as ordered lick my cunt until I came. Strangely one of my favourite things about oral sex from men is the feeling of stubble or facial hair against my cunt. But this time the smoothness of her skin against my smooth cunt and latex clad legs felt so good, she made me come faster than I’ve ever come from oral sex.

I had to keep her blindfold on the whole time for the next two orgasms and I got her to start the second by fucking me on the sofa with the big John Holmes toy which allowed me to take it so deeply I came again incredibly quickly.

My Master didn’t want his wife’s ass to fade while we fucked so I bent her over facing away from me and spanked her again and then I slipped the big John Holmes toy into her still lubed up from my own cunt and fucked her with it.

Her cunt was so greedy for it that she took more of it than I’ve seen before and then tried to sit down on it and ride it until she came, but I wasn’t allowing that. I slipped the cock out and made her lie down before sitting on her face.

Her tongue went to my clit and mine to hers. Knowing I was close to coming again, I started slipping a finger and then another into her soaking wet cunt until I had four fingers inside and she was begging for my fist.

Luckily she made me come again with her mouth and I buried my clenched fist in her gorgeous stretched cunt and let her use the wand as I fucked her with my fist. Seeing her legs buckle round the side of the sofa and feeling her cunt moving against my hand as she came gave me another incredible orgasm without her even touching me.

And I was spent. Giving orders while having repeated orgasms really takes it out of you. It also makes you feel incredibly lucky. My mind wanted more of her cunt, my body couldn’t take it. Next time though…


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