My Master likes people to notice me. He wants all eyes on Candi and it’s taken me a while to not just get used to it but to start to revel in it. Obviously I love doing the videos for Clips 4 Sale and I’m very much enjoying his wife’s attentions.

But I have really struggled with getting obvious attention. Part of it is years of being female and dealing with men who like to harass women in the street to make you feel uncomfortable and part of it is that I have always felt more comfortable playing my sluttiness close to my chest over the years.

I may enjoy all kinds of filthiness when you get to know me but when I met my Master I was very low key. I didn’t dress for attention, didn’t court it and found the idea of going out without underwear incredibly anxiety inducing the first time I walked to his house.

Fast forward eighteen months and I’d genuinely forgotten other women wear underwear until I saw him slip his wife’s knickers off so I could fist her last week. I’m back to wearing my red hair again as punishment for disobeying two orders on Friday and finding it less difficult this time. And I revelled in walking around my local area in latex recently.

So when my Master instructed me to meet him and his wife nearby yesterday to buy her a waist trainer and to make sure I was dressed to impress, it didn’t scare me for once. Once I’d established I couldn’t manage to wear latex in 25 degree heat, he instructed me to dress like I would for a date.

Now, I see no point going on a date unless you get fucked at the end of it. Otherwise it’s just a drink with a strange man. So I want to indicate that I’m not just there to make small talk. Which is how I ended up wearing the most revealing most push you up get your tits out bra I own last night.

I’ve only ever worn it to perform clips for Clips 4 Sale so I didn’t realise how noticeable it was under a top which suddenly seemed very low cut. Accompanied with a pencil skirt that zips from top to bottom and my long red hair, it was quite an outfit for 6pm on a sunny evening.

I’m not sure I’ve ever attracted so much male attention (and some female attention) in one go, but then again I’ve never dressed quite obviously for sex before. And I was so distracted by what my Master had in mind when he got back to my flat, that it didn’t even occur to me what he might have been thinking as he walked along with the two women he was about to fuck….


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