I got another glimpse into my Master’s creativity last night. He choreographed another evening with his wife and me together and managed to keep everything different to the last time so both of us tried new things and pushed ourselves further.

I usually hate when you’re having sex with someone and enjoying a particular angle or action and they change it just for the sake of it or to show off, but with my Master I’ve never felt irritated. It’s just so easy to go with the flow of what he creates and the changes are so much part of the enjoyment.

And last night was exactly that. Constantly changing but in all the best ways. Part of it is him being very careful not to prioritise anyone over the other, part of it is teaching both of us skills he already has.

Fisting his wife feels like the most natural thing in the world but it does require some technique and I’m having fun learning. But one thing I’ve discovered with my Master is that I’m a very slow learner. I take ages to get to the point and then luckily I run with it.

But his wife is a very fast learner and I’m enjoying taking tips from her. She’s brattier than me when you give instructions by text but sharper at taking them in person which is how she only took a few moments to realise that while I was on top of her husband with his cock buried inside my gaping cunt, he wanted her to wrap her hand around his cock so she was fisting me while he fucked me and he got twice the enjoyment.

One of the most deliciously creatively filthy things I have ever had the luck to experience, I kind of hope he revisits that idea again some time as it’s too good to not to repeat. My cunt was so gaping after being double fisted by his wife that I was genuinely struggling to feel his cock inside me, but the feeling of her hand sliding up and down it in rhythm with him fucking me was incredible and it was a case of how many times it would make me come before he did.

I think it ended up being three times. And then he switched us round so she and I could swap places and I’m not sure which felt better, his cock inside me or me inside her while holding his cock. Sometimes three is much more fun than just two…




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