My Master gave me permission to give my orders this weekend. Not to him obviously, but to his wife to get her ready to play with again this week.

It sounds so simple when he tells me I can do anything I want with her as long as I remember she belongs to him, not me. But I am at heart (and cunt) completely submissive myself so giving an order goes not come naturally to me.

I tried in person the other night and I struggled to have any sense of authority or coherence to what I was doing. Part of that is I tend to fail to multi-task when I’m turned on and struggle to speak, think and pay attention to the fist inside me at the same time and end up barely able to communicate apart from coming.

So on my Master’s encouragement I had another go without actually seeing either of them and for once in my life I used logic in a scenario involving sex. I decided that as I didn’t know where to start with training her, I’d follow how my Master trained me.

His wife and I may be very different people but we’re both submissive, we both like the way he does things and we both stand to gain from learning from his previous experience. Plus I can vouch for his training having quite transformative powers so it would be odd not to use it as a gauge.

I don’t want to copy him completely but find my own way of giving her orders inspired by him while using those orders as a way to submit to him. I’m clearly going to have to learn to multi-task after all.

But there was fun to be had with her first. My Master and she were going away for the weekend so I had to think of something that would keep me on her mind during that time. It seemed the perfect time to give her a pair of my Lelo jiggle balls as a present.

I called by at their house on my way to an appointment and left a gift wrapped box of them on the doorstep for her and texted her to go and look outside and once she’d told my Master and me what her present was, she was to put them inside her and be the only person with a smile on their face on a rush hour Friday night train.

I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to take them. Those Luna Beads are pretty heavy for a novice wearer but judging by the texts I got later they were stretching her very nicely indeed and leaving her greedy for my Master’s cock.

She doesn’t know yet that I have two more pairs of them at home and a new found interest in telling someone what to do…


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