Another Change


Just before my Master and his wife came to play the other night, my Master wanted to make sure his submissive sex toy was at her best for the woman he married. He instructed to make sure my catsuit and corset were as tight as possible and asked how high my highest heels are.

He was disappointed to discover that the highest heels I own are only about about three and a half inches high and instructed me to look up the term ‘submissive fucking in ballet boots’.

I had no idea what to expect and was more than pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Perfect with a latex catsuit, they have that helpless look I so enjoy when my Master blindfolds me and leads me round in heels.

Of course part of me panicked slightly and thought ‘I couldn’t wear those’ but that’s what I thought when my Master suggested a corset. And I think we all know how I’ve embraced and enjoyed that

I’ve also realised that the training into wearing something like ballet boots or a corset is as much of the attraction as the achievement and therefore I’m very interested. Plus one of the biggest changes my Master has brought out in me is that I no longer say ‘no’ to things without at least trying them.

Now all I need to do is work out how I’m going to buy a pair of ballet boots. Or what I might do for someone who bought me a pair…

Another Change

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