Another Tick

So the experience of fisting my Master’s wife for the first time the other night was so incredible (and just writing that line goes straight to my cunt) that you’d wonder where you could go with things next.

My Master decided it was time to tick another task off my list for me in response was an excellent move…

But first he taught his wife how to fist me. Her whole clenched fist sliding in and out of my soaking wet cunt with her face buried in my clit felt amazing. Her tongue was basically fucking me because he had her on her knees filled up with the big John Holmes toy that he was stretching her cunt open with. I could feel each thrust on my clit as she licked me vigorously.

I also had the joy of seeing my Master dominate her and by proxy me and her looking undone by her submission. Her skin was flushed, her hair was wild and her make up was running down her face and for the first time I understood the pleasure of reducing someone to that state. I love it to happen to me but I’ve not seen it happen to someone else before.

And then a few minutes later, I had the pleasure of it happening to me. My Master took over from his wife, slipping his fist into me. I wasn’t sure if I was just getting used to the feel of it again because I didn’t remember being fisted being so overwhelming.

I could feel my eyes watering, my body squirming around on the bed and making more noise than I’ve ever made in my entire life in the back of my throat as he fucked me with his fist.

Then he instructed his wife to tell me what he was doing and she told me he had both fists in my cunt at once. One closed clenched fist and one open hand both slipping in and out of me at once and giving me the longest, most intense orgasm of my life. At one point I actually thought I would never stop coming. And I think I’d have been quite happy with that.

That wasn’t even the last orgasm I had that evening but it will be the one every other orgasm has to live up to from now on. Afterwards I checked my instruction on my list and it was ‘to take both [my Master’s] hands in my cunt’ and I felt pleasure in completing another task for him.

The only problem is that one fist at a time might not be enough now…

Another Tick

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