Ass Play

Several people recently have asked me about how to stretch their ass to allow for more play so I thought I’d give some advice on what I’ve done so far. Obviously  cis men get a very different experience from ass play than cis women but I think there’s enough overlap that I can share my stretching expertise.

When I met my Master I hadn’t had anal sex for about ten years and struggled to get a finger in my ass at all (although enjoyed it) so he immediately embraced the challenge to stretch til I could take a cock.

It didn’t take as long as I expected. He was able to fuck my ass within about three months which pleased both of us. He got to use plugs as much as possible in that time to get used to the sensation of something in my ass and to stretch me out.

I had a bit of difficulty to begin with the the plug he suggested first. Although the jiggle balls in it felt amazing, I couldn’t walk at all without the plug slipping out and I found the base hurt after wearing it for more than a hour or so.

I was determined to fill his order of wearing a plug overnight so I went onto Lovehoney and did some research about different sizes and shapes of plugs and ordered a selection. They often do offers on anal toys and have a 365 day return policy that allows you to really try stuff out.

I was drawn to curved plugs. Mainly designed to hit the prostate on men, I find them more comfortable for sitting and walking as a not very tall woman. I shied away from bigger bases to start with and then discovered that for me finger loops and T bars are more wearable for long periods of time too.

I also found that if there’s any reason you might need to take the plug out (and put it back in) when you’re out and about, glass or stainless steel are the best materials to use. They are easy to clean, discreet to put in a bag or pocket and unlike silicone don’t pick up odours or fluff.

I started off with my plug when I was doing something else that distracted me. I did a lot of housework in fact. Then I built up to wearing it 30 to 60 minutes a day longer each time and then wore it overnight. I went from being intensely aware of it to forgetting I had it in there quite quickly.

Not rushing and finding the right plugs for me were key to stretching my ass and taught me to be able to come just through anal. I’m a little out of practise though, maybe I need my own advice…


Ass Play

Teaching Moment

My Master likes to teach me new skills. It’s part of his love of taking control and partly because it helps change me further. No point just changing my body and leaving my mind the same after all.

So this weekend he taught me how to play a very complicated board game. All strategy and consideration. Which quite obviously I was terrible at. I make impulsive decisions based on gut instinct or my cunt and then overthink every thing anxiously afterwards.

This time I was mainly distracted by the fact I was sitting next to Princess and just wanting to kiss her all the time, but also by the fact I’d put my new flogger in my bag and was hoping to get to use it.

Luckily all the other competitors had other plans and left until the three of us were alone. I was waiting for my Master to give us an order and when he didn’t I was about to leave when Princess got bratty and asked for me to give her an orgasm before I went.

Normally we shouldn’t encourage her bratty streak but this time we literally embraced it. She slipped her skirt off immediately to reveal just stockings under her shirt and my Master had her up and onto this cock with her ass in the air immediately.

Perfect aim for my flogger. I love my new toy. It’s hard to hurt anyone with a suede flogger but the sound of it slapping flesh is quite something. My Master showed me several ways to use it on Princess so I could lightly smack her cunt and see her writhe in bliss or actually mark her ass with it.

I settled into a routine flogging her ass and spanking her with my hand alternately watching her ass redden under both as my Master’s cock fucked her harder and harder. I was ordered not to stop spanking her until she came incredibly hard.

Neither my Master or I had come yet so he decided Princess should reward both of us for her orgasm. He fucked her ass while she kissed me and played with my nipples as my cunt was off limits for once.

It didn’t stop me getting so wet that Princess could feel it through the trousers I was wearing. Watching my Master fuck her ass harder and harder while she took more and more was so insanely hot I didn’t miss not coming for once.

Definitely the most fun I’ve ever had full clothed on a Sunday playing games…

Teaching Moment


So my Master was in excellent form after our night out and decided we should go to his and Princess’s house to end the evening. Things started to build up slightly in the cab as Princess sat in the middle of us and running her hand up my leg and under my dress.

I thought she was being quite subtle until the cab driver moved the front seat forward to get a better view and was clearly craning his neck to hear the conversation. God knows what we did to my Master’s Uber rating.

It didn’t take much to get things started in the bedroom after that. My Master was in the mood to kiss. Hard deep kisses that bit at my lips and went straight to my cunt. As did his hands.

He’d ordered me to dress to impress and wear a corset on the night out, but my waist training has been so successful that wearing the corset makes my waist so small that none of my clothes fit over it without ending up oddly shapeless.

I had to go back to the waist trainer to wear the dress I wanted to wear. Short, tight, black and perfect to wear without a bra and give a hint of my piercings in the pub. But I was running too late after trying the corset to sort stockings and a suspender belt.

So when my Master put his hands under my dress I was wearing tights. There was a moment of irritation on his part that I hadn’t made enough effort and then he enjoyed seeing how wet I was that he could feel it through 100 denier.

And then he just ripped the crotch of my tights open and starting fucking me with his fist. I am not sure I’ve ever found anything so hot in my life (and that’s saying something considering my current life.) Knowing that he had made Princess kneel on the floor of their bedroom with her hands on her head watching this just added to it.

Then he ordered her up onto their bed to start licking my clit and for the next hour, the two of them just made me come and come again. She licked, she fisted me, he fucked me and I completely lost all track of everything except how good they were making me feel.

My Master kept ripping my tights further and further and each tear got me wetter to the point where I think he probably could have made me come with just the noise of the fabric tearing. I have never worn tights around him before but I think he remembered me sending him this incredibly hot story once even if my own ass didn’t want to be fucked last night.

At one point, my Master gave me a break from coming repeatedly to allow Princess to come. She was there with the wand on her clit as I sat on his cock and kissed her and she looked so beautiful arching her back with her mouth open enjoying what we were all doing.

Then he flipped me onto all fours with her licking me from beneath and made me turn my head to watch him fuck me until he came ridiculously hard into my soaking stretched cunt and I felt like I’d never stop coming until I was broken.

My Master and Princess offered to let me spend the night but I had to go home instead. and I have to admit it was ridiculously hot to walk home in the lull of a huge thunderstorm in a very short dress with my tights ripped open and my Master’s come dripping out of me and my legs still shaking.

Especially knowing I’d also uploaded a video to Clips 4 Sale while I was out. I’m finally multi-tasking…





I went to the pub last night with my Master and Princess along with some other friends. He had instructed me to dress to impress and to bring the toy of my choice so that depending on how his mood took him, he could order me to make me come with it.

And what a mood he was in. I think it was less than ten minutes before he subtly gave me my order and I went to the toilets. I’d brought the inflatable toy I haven’t used in a while and wanted to see if I could beat my previous record of number of pumps to inflate it.

I managed thirty pumps and then came round it. I’d only just put it away when Princess knocked on the toilet door. I let her in and she was straight onto her knees licking my cunt until I came again with my hands in her hair.

As I was leaving the cubicle it was ridiculously hot to see her wiping her mouth and then see her arrive back at the table with immaculately applied make up that no one else realised the meaning of.

The evening relaxed with lots of wine and then my Master had me back in the toilets with the same subtle order and this time I managed to get the inflatable toy to a record thirty two pumps and was struggling to keep it in as I came incredibly hard.

Princess came back into the toilets and I had to decline to let her lick me again or my legs would have given way and despite not drinking, I’d have started slurring my words in a suspicious way. I had no idea I had this willpower.

My Master was a little annoyed that I disobeyed an order and even more so when Princess and I couldn’t manage to get away from the table to send him an order of a photo of her with her fist in my cunt.

But then he won the jackpot on the referendum sweepstake in the pub and booked a cab to take both Princess and I home together…



Playing Away

My Master has given me permission to use Princess any time I choose. I am not allowed to masturbate when I could have her lick my pussy instead and we both learn to be even more submissive to him at the same time.

He happened to be away yesterday and I happened to be near their flat and decided I would use the opportunity wisely. I had a lunch meeting which seemed to go on forever since I had a plug in my ass and a soaking wet cunt throughout knowing where I was going next.

I have only ever been in my Master’s house once before when he blindfolded me and fucked me in the latex catsuit, so it felt slightly strange that the first time I saw the place with his half naked wife in front of me.

But any strangeness went out of my head immediately when she started licking my cunt until I came. Her mouth feels so incredible on me that she makes me come every time, usually ejaculating as well as orgasming.

I’ve always enjoyed being licked but it’s rarely made me come. In fact not since a boyfriend I last saw in 2003 have I come from it, yet yesterday I wasn’t sure I could stop coming when Princess was doing it.

The she slipped her fist into me and fucked me with her clenched fist with the plug in my ass until I came again before almost lapping at me inside with two fingers and then a third as she slapped her palm against my clit.

I’m used to more fingers but this felt incredible. I just went blank apart from just coming and coming and again with hands on Princess’s beautiful tits and my legs wrapped round hers in a blur of orgasms.

She actually reduced me to a state where I couldn’t have let her touch me again everything was so sensitive. All I could do was lie on their bed and let the blood rush back to my head again and think how lucky I am right now…

Playing Away