ass servant 2

My Master reminded me of several things when we were talking yesterday and I feel more focused in my submission afterwards. But also slightly worried at the same time.

Because when I slipped four fingers into my cunt as we talked, I realised I felt a little bit tight. I think I assumed once I had my gape I could just go from there, but bodies don’t work like that it would seem.

I have to keep working on my gape and stretching myself to keep the effects up and although I’ve still been working on the task of taking a toy in my ass and one in my cunt at the same time as long as it’s larger each time, I clearly haven’t been working hard enough at it.

My Master instructed me to spend the morning riding the Ass Servan toy to start working on my stretching again. And very generously I would be allowed to come if while I was riding the toy I messaged his wife about playing with her again.

I warmed up with the big John Holmes toy just for the feel of something inside me because it feels like it’s been a while. And then I got on top of the Ass Servant and let myself slide down onto it.

I was definitely tighter than the last time I played with it and there was that moment of slight discomfort that just as I think I can’t bear it becomes the feeling of being stretched wide and not wanting it to stop.

And I wanted as much of that toy inside me as possible. Before I met my Master I could never come from being on top and now I love the feeling of it. I imagined riding his cock hard as I fucked the toy and I could feel myself sliding lower onto it as it opened me up.

I could quite happily have kept going, digging my knees into the bed, running the wand over my cunt to help open me up further and fucking myself to an orgasm. But I slowed down and lifted my phone and typed a message to my Master’s wife.

Which reminded me how much I enjoyed playing with both of them together and how much I’d enjoy stretching her out by slipping my fist into her and I couldn’t have stopped myself coming.

Judging by where I squirted onto the toy, I definitely didn’t go deep enough to be completely able to please my Master but it made me hope she measures me back because my desire for stretching has definitely come back again…


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