I am clearly contrary because as soon as I finished my Master’s task of wearing the wig and the butt plug every time I went out for a month, I missed the wing despite having struggled so much with the task for the whole time.

So I was relieved when he gave me a new selection of tasks this week. Some more Craiglist ads, research into the hair removal that will keep me smooth and slutty permanently and looking into more waist training.

I love the structure of tasks. There’s something about the rules and small achievements and goals of them. It’s a cumulative action of submission. Each step, each attention to detail is submission to my Master. It’s a reinforcement of how much I trust him and want to please him.

Considering what my submission means to me and to him helps me be a better more attentive sub and it’s also helping me construct an idea for my next encounter with another woman. My Master is the only person I submit to. His training of me is as much proving to me that he earns my submission through his actions and behaviours as me actually submitting to him.

I’m intrigued, under his supervision and encouragement, to look for something like that with another woman and see the skills that go into domination for myself, literally first hand…


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