Giving Ideas

As I was saying recently so often my Master sets me tasks and they seem impossible in their challenge to begin with. I have to psyche myself up to believe I could do something like that and it feels like I’m fumbling around as I start.

And then suddenly, a bit like riding a bike (or a fist in my case), I can do it without thinking about it and it seems hard to believe I doubted myself. This blog was like that and now I feel odd if I don’t write everyday to record my training.

It never gets matter of fact to think about what my Master expects of me every day and it definitely never feels routine to hear what people hear about it all. I very much appreciate and enjoy comments and responses on what I’ve written.

But oddly I’d never really thought about what it might be inspiring in other people. I’ve been absorbed in just me and my Master, so it absolutely made my week to get a message the other day from someone saying they’d fisted their partner for the first time inspired by my blog.

I loved the idea that two other people are enjoying the intense pleasure of fisting with all the feelings of trust, achievement and orgasms that come with it and joked that they’ll be addicted from now on. Once you’ve felt a whole fist in a cunt, it’s hard to go back.

I also loved the idea that my Master’s orders don’t just have influence on me but go further than that. How’s that for a power dynamic?

Giving Ideas

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