Last year for the first time in my life I started keeping a diary. It was partly for routine and to refresh my goldfish like memory with a few lines in a five year diary. I didn’t think much of it and honestly didn’t expect I’d manage to keep it up.

Well, I have and I’m now amused that what was meant to be a serious thing ended up mainly noting what task or order or achievement my Master set me that day. Many of them are enjoyable memories anyway that often make my body respond as I think about them, but what’s useful is seeing the timeline involved.

So I discovered last night that this time last year I ordered the large Lovehoney silicon butt plug. I’ve still never managed to get it all in my ass, but a year ago I couldn’t get it in my cunt at all.

I spent almost two hours on the phone with my Master after getting it seeing if I could get it into my tight little cunt and ended up still not quite able to. Now I look at it as tiny and can slip into me barely without thinking. In fact it’s what I wore to go to the cinema with my Master a few months ago and worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep it in with my new found gape.

I also had a fond memory last night unprompted by the diary. I spent the day shooting more clips for Clips4Sale and in the evening just wanted to laze around and watch Eurovision. Last year however I had a party for Eurovision and as my house filled with people, I wore two pairs of Lelo Luna Balls inside me for the first time.

These weighted Kegel balls feel particularly good when you bend over and stand up again. I spent my evening doing just that by pouring people drinks with a generosity to give myself a reputation as an excellent hostess. I was almost tempted to put them back in last night for the nostalgia…


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