Small and Tight

My waist obviously. Not my cunt. As my gape improves, my waist gets smaller and more defined. I’m not sure if my Master had the contrast in mind or if it’s a rather excellent coincidence.

I realised when I was trying clothes on the other night that my waist trainer wasn’t sitting as well under them as I expected and that’s because it had become quite loose. I sized down yesterday and noticed a real difference.

Not only is my waist more nipped in, it feels better too. I love that cinched feeling of the waist trainer or corset. It’s a firm pressure that somehow feels supportive and submissive at the same time. I miss it when I’m not wearing either.

The only slight downside to having trained my waist several inches so far this year is that I’ve learned how to fully tighten my own corset so when I saw my Master last week he didn’t need to bend me over to lace me in.

I missed the feeling of submission involved when he does it. There’s few things more symbolic of his power and control over me than him tightening my corset and controlling my breathing and shaping my body. And the feel of his fingers on my back pulling the laces go straight to my cunt.

Of course, the upside of learning to lace myself fully into my corset is that instead he bent me over and put his fist straight inside my stretched cunt and made me come almost instantly.

I’m still looking forward to sizing down again in another corset when this new waist trainer works its magic…

Small and Tight

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