After discovering that none of last summer’s clothes fit after my Master’s training I spent last night working out what needed to be altered to fit my new waist and trying on things that I suspected always needed a new waist on me to make them look good.

Which is how I ended up with two dresses I could wear today while the sun was still out. I had just picked out the tighter of the two and then realised that while I haven’t worn panties once this year, it also hasn’t been warm enough to go bare legged before now.

I found it quite nerve wracking wearing skirts and dresses without panties while my legs were bare last summer. It was incredibly exposing and made me feel quite self conscious. I realised that I hadn’t had the opportunity to dress like this since I got my clit piercing which was also the week my Master gave me the order to shave my pussy smooth.

I expected to feel equally self conscious when I pulled the dress on this year but it’s a sign how much further on in my training I am because it felt more natural to wear the dress without any panties. My smooth pussy felt less exposed than before.

To prove it to myself, I slipped the the smallest sheerest pair of panties I own on under the dress in front of my bedroom mirror. And immediately wanted to take them off again. The waist trainer caught in the waistband, the dress didn’t look as fitted and they felt all wrong against my bare cunt.

I took them off again immediately and felt like myself again. I went out feeling perfectly at home without underwear beneath the dress but still struggling with the wig which makes me feel unlike myself in all the wrong ways.

I called into my favourite cafe for an hour before meeting a friend, noting the look of confusion on the waiter’s face when I sounded familiar but didn’t look it. I thought I easiest to bury my head in my book at that point.

I’m in the mood to read about kink. I just finished Madison Young’s book Daddy: A Memoir on her D/s relationship as Daddy and little girl and moved onto Allison Moon’s autobiography Bad Dyke next. I love reading about other people’s sluttiness and she manages to make hers funny as well as informative.

And hot as well. I hadn’t thought at all about my bare pussy under the dress until I started reading her describe fisting Jiz Lee for the first time and suddenly I was incredibly aware of it. Mainly how wet it was right then. I couldn’t help but look down at that point.

Which is when I noticed how without thinking, I’d shaped my hand on my lap exactly the way you would to start fisting someone. I wonder if anyone noticed…


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