Sunny Day

No blog yesterday because the weather was too good to be indoors. Instead I went to the park to enjoy the sun and revel in the warm weather meaning less clothing.

Not just for me, but for all those men who take sunshine as an excuse to strip off. For every one you want to suggest some sun cream to, there’s one you’d probably volunteer to rub the sun cream onto.

I rather enjoyed sitting under a tree just reading my book, slightly hidden by my wig and a pair of sunglasses watching the world go by and admiring the view. I do like that with a Kindle no one knows what you’re reading which is how you get away with with reading BDSM erotica in a public park on a Sunday afternoon.

I had hoped to be wearing something short and slightly revealing at the same time, but my Master’s training has changed my body so much since last summer that none of my sun appropriate dresses fit any more.

I ended up in something I haven’t worn at all since I got my clit piercing: a pair of jeans. Only suitable for the weather since they are tight and cropped and expose some leg. I got out of the habit of wearing jeans when the piercer suggested avoiding them for the first two weeks after the piercing because of the pressure from the seam.

And then I sort of forgot I owned any until now. But I got intimately acquainted with the seam quite quickly and regretted leaving it so long. It really does press against the piercing, especially when you have your legs bent with a book propped on your knee, no knickers on and a glass plug in your ass.

The fact I had no bra on under the strapless top I was wearing was fairly obvious, but I doubt the added bonus of my jeans was and yet considering I was wearing far more clothes than most women in the park, I seemed to be attracting quite a few glances.

Maybe I’m not as subtle at looking at men in various states of undress as I think I am but by the time I got home, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take my jeans off and play or keep pressing against that seam…

Sunny Day

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