A Real Change

Changing room Tk Maxx

It’s taken me two days to get out to fulfil my Master’s last order of fisting myself to orgasm in public again which meant that I was more than ready to come, but that my ginger was past its best.

I will definitely be buying some more tomorrow but today I had to make do with the black glass plug in my ass instead. I had a little difficulty finding somewhere with enough space and time to be able to slip the fist in and play with it.

Then I nipped into TK Maxx for some kitchen stuff and realised they had proper changing rooms with suitably impressive sized mirrors to perform in front of. Plus that place is packed. I’ve definitely started to make more noise when I come so even if I didn’t have the ginger, it would be a challenge to make any unusual sounds at all in there.

I wandered round outside for 10 minutes picking up the maximum number of awkward looking items to try on to justify taking my time in the changing room and then queued up. Every cubicle was taken and when I finally got one, I knew there were people mere inches away from me on either side as I stripped off and knelt down over the fist.

Watching from all angles as it slipped into me got me even wetter and I had no difficulty getting the toy in quickly and easily before lying back on the bench with my feet stretched out resting on the mirror in front of me, watching my cunt gape open as I fucked myself hard.

I was sure the wall was moving in rhythm with me and making noise for me and I was incredibly aware of the sounds of my soaking wet pussy enjoying the toy. I never get to see myself as stretched as that and I’m wishing now I’d remembered to take a photo of my gape when I had the mirror there.

But the bench was slightly the wrong height for me to fuck myself to orgasm so I stood up and let the toy slip in and out as deeply as possible and it took hardly any time before I came hard. Turns out there’s nothing like not being able to make noise to make you want to make noise and I could have roared when I came.

It’s just as well I didn’t or I’d have missed the sound of myself ejaculating onto the hardwood floor as I came. I had to bite my lip not to make any more sound as it happened and my legs gave way onto the bench behind me.

I had to sit there for a few minutes while my legs stopped shaking and I could get dressed again. I could feel how wet I still was as I stood in the queue afterwards. I might be keen to shop for more than ginger after discovering what fun changing rooms can be…

come on floor

A Real Change

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