Three’s Company

My Master kept me busy all weekend. So busy I didn’t have time to blog yesterday because I was preoccupied messaging my Master’s wife instead.

My Master is intrigued to see which of us ends up taking control of the other, the submissive slut wife or the submissive slut sex toy? He’s reminded me that either way it’s a win win for him.

I’m intrigued to be used, but I’m also intrigued to use her. I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to have the opportunity to fist her soaking wet pussy. But then again, she has small hands and I might get to take both her fists at once in my cunt.

But knowing either way my Master is happy makes it ideal…

Three’s Company


ass servant 2

My Master reminded me of several things when we were talking yesterday and I feel more focused in my submission afterwards. But also slightly worried at the same time.

Because when I slipped four fingers into my cunt as we talked, I realised I felt a little bit tight. I think I assumed once I had my gape I could just go from there, but bodies don’t work like that it would seem.

I have to keep working on my gape and stretching myself to keep the effects up and although I’ve still been working on the task of taking a toy in my ass and one in my cunt at the same time as long as it’s larger each time, I clearly haven’t been working hard enough at it.

My Master instructed me to spend the morning riding the Ass Servan toy to start working on my stretching again. And very generously I would be allowed to come if while I was riding the toy I messaged his wife about playing with her again.

I warmed up with the big John Holmes toy just for the feel of something inside me because it feels like it’s been a while. And then I got on top of the Ass Servant and let myself slide down onto it.

I was definitely tighter than the last time I played with it and there was that moment of slight discomfort that just as I think I can’t bear it becomes the feeling of being stretched wide and not wanting it to stop.

And I wanted as much of that toy inside me as possible. Before I met my Master I could never come from being on top and now I love the feeling of it. I imagined riding his cock hard as I fucked the toy and I could feel myself sliding lower onto it as it opened me up.

I could quite happily have kept going, digging my knees into the bed, running the wand over my cunt to help open me up further and fucking myself to an orgasm. But I slowed down and lifted my phone and typed a message to my Master’s wife.

Which reminded me how much I enjoyed playing with both of them together and how much I’d enjoy stretching her out by slipping my fist into her and I couldn’t have stopped myself coming.

Judging by where I squirted onto the toy, I definitely didn’t go deep enough to be completely able to please my Master but it made me hope she measures me back because my desire for stretching has definitely come back again…


Stop, Look, Listen

I didn’t get the opportunity to blog yesterday because I was working on some clips for Candi’s Clips 4 Sale site. I’ve had new clips several times each week and I’m enjoying getting feedback and finding my feet with selling the clips.

I’m having to learn to temper my impatience though. Through my submission to my Master I’ve noticed I’m a mix of being slow to learn something and then impatient to have mastered it as soon as I start.

His control of me reins the worst of my impulsiveness and poor decision making in while guiding me toward slowly but surely working on my tasks and orders. His dominance focuses me.

Every so often the impatient part of me that just thinks with her cunt comes to the fore though. This morning my Master and I were talking and he gave me permission to get a new piercing any time I feel the itch for one.

I immediately pushed my luck slightly and told him how much I now wanted my tongue pierced. I’ve gone from feeling faintly freaked out by the mere thought of it to curious to really looking forward to it and imagining how it will look and feel, both to my Master and to me.

However I knew as I was saying it that my Master set me a rule about the tongue piercing a few months ago. I couldn’t have it done until I licked more pussy. In fact I think the number of ten  was mentioned. I hadn’t forgotten and I knew he wouldn’t have either. My Master is not the forgetting what order he gave me type.

But it didn’t stop me chancing my arm because it’s bothering me that I haven’t ticked it off my 2015 list, let alone the 2016 one. I’m often so preoccupied by completing a task I forget that they weren’t designed to be simple easy things you could idly tick off like a shopping list. They are meant to slow my impatience down and challenge me to savour the steps as much as the end result.

And to test me he offered me a shortcut to the tongue piercing. All I had to do was slip four fingers into my cunt and ask him to tell me what the short cut was, but to know there was a price to accompany it.

My fingers were slipped inside me before I thought much further and then I stopped and engaged my brain for once. My Master was specifically telling me to stop and listen and not metaphorically bite off more than I can chew.

So I paid attention and didn’t ask. Instead I’ll concentrate on what he has already asked me to do. I feel like not doing things for him is being bratty or not trying hard enough, but I think I’m finally realising doing things for the sake of them and not doing them well enough isn’t submission in itself.

And my Master rewarded me with the opportunity to message his wife to arrange an opportunity to try and lick pussy again with her. Just the thought of how much that will please him made me very glad I’d made the choice I had…

Stop, Look, Listen

Pierce Me

Pierced nipples in 3/4 cup bra and corset

Speaking of getting my nipples pierced being a turning point for me in D/s, it’s in fact a whole year since I got them done for my Master.

We’d never discussed anything like that before and then in a relatively casual conversation one afternoon, he told me he was thinking of having my nipples pierced. I’m not sure if he was expecting some negotiation or bargaining or simply refusal from me but by tea time I’d booked the appointment to have them done.

In fact I’d have actually had them pierced that day if I hadn’t gone to a work meeting and got sidetracked by working with a guy from my hometown. What should have been a quick chat ended up in a long involved conversation that felt so distinctly flirty the person I’d actually gone to meet had to drag my attention back to him in a most unsubtle way and ask the other guy to leave and go back to work.

I’d been so busy flirting it wasn’t until he was being shooed out of sight and the conversation was being wound up that we caught each other’s names. There was the kind of pause no one could fail to miss and he bolted.

Time and age might play tricks on you, but sometimes you never forget a name. Especially when it’s the one of the first person who ever fucked you in the ass. I might not have recognised him until I heard it out loud again, but it suddenly made sense why there had been that sense of chemistry all afternoon.

One of the most unexpected and yet memorable weekends of my teens had been spent fucking him every which way and I’m still not sure if the pause was embarrassment at not recognising each other sooner or because we both remembered the occasion so well when we did.

Either way it left me too flustered and short of time to get my nipples pierced the same day so in the end I had to wait a week before I could have them done. Seven whole days of anticipation to follow the biggest order my Master had given me to date.

And in the end, the actual piercings were easier than I expected. The first one hurt like hell and the second gave me the most incredible rush of adrenaline and endorphins. I’ve never been so aware of my nipples as I was walking home with the most intense mix of pleasure and pain in them.

I couldn’t wait to show them to my Master, especially knowing I was sending him the photo of them to him while he was at work. I loved how they looked immediately and can’t imagine going back to my less sensitive nipples without the piercings in.

It doesn’t feel like a year ago, but that does mean they are now fully healed and once I obey the rest of my Master’s orders, that means my piercer will let me get my tongue done next…

Pierce Me

Picking Up The Pace

I’m not quite sure why I’m in such nostalgic mode this week. I don’t know if I’ve just got sucking cock on my mind because I haven’t had as much opportunity to do it recently as I’d like and that’s got my memories putting the effort in, but it made me look back at some old messages from my Master all the same.

And I think some of my reminiscing is because it was around this time last year that I realised my relationship with my Master wasn’t just an enjoyable erotic fling but an actual D/s dynamic.

I know it sounds almost ridiculous now, but I didn’t think of myself as at all kinky when I met my Master. Not because I thought there was anything weird about being kinky but more because I had very narrow ideas of what kinkiness was and that I wasn’t the ‘right’ kind of person for it.

At risk of making myself sound much older than I am, I came of age before the internet was widespread and in an environment where women enjoying sex was transgressive without complicating it further.

Kink was so far off that it never really occurred to me it could affect me. It was Robert Mapplethorpe photography and tales of San Francisco and leather bars. It was always gay men and whips and pain and where I grew up men told women what to do in every sphere of life anyway.

I didn’t know that Dominance and submission existed. S&M got mentioned, never D/s and wrongly I assumed that to be kinky you liked pain. It didn’t help that all the people I knew who did inhabit the now named BDSM scene tended to be gay men who embraced leather and being beaten so I thought it wasn’t my world.

Aware that plenty of other people (wrongly) thought them ‘freakish’ in kinds of ways, I didn’t want to add to it by quizzing them about their lives while they assumed that to be so comfortable with them, I must share some of their world and so the subject just never got discussed between us.

So I continued having many interesting sexual encounters with people I didn’t date and didn’t particularly like as people as they were often domineering assholes with their clothes on but yet I couldn’t seem to stop getting naked with them.

But if they were always nice and sweet and wanted to share everything equally, I liked them immensely as people but never craved them sexually the same way. I assumed I had dreadful taste in men and left it at that.

And then I met my Master and something was different right from the start. At first I thought it was the fact we didn’t fuck for several months after meeting, then I thought it was because it was non monogamous and then after almost six months, it dawned on me.

It was because this was D/s. I’d been so busy trying to decipher something that felt very complicated that I’d missed the simplest explanation. He liked taking charge and dominating me and I liked him doing it. I was exactly the right kind of person for it now I knew what the hell it was.

The clues were there. We’d had a conversation about it all when things had gone from flirty texts to full on fucking in the space of a few days and I still hadn’t got it because I was still thinking the concept of kink was the complicated bit, not the doing it.

It wasn’t until things got to the point of being blindfolded and getting wetter than anything else had ever made me before and ordering me to get my nipples pierced that the penny dropped for me.

Being a very slow learner I’d been mixing up kink and vanilla the whole time and not doing either particularly well. Luckily my Master took charge and brought me right up to speed…


Picking Up The Pace

Using Your Mind

Writing yesterday’s post about my little dalliance in the Barbican at a friend’s birthday made me think back in more ways than one. There was that enjoyable erotic nostalgia of remembering a very hot sexual encounter in detail.

A good sexual memory is a thing of joy. You never quite know the sexual experiences that will fill your mind afterwards. I’ve had encounters with people that were fantastic at the time and left me more than satisfied but I’ve never thought about them again unless prompted. And conversely I’ve had experiences that weren’t particularly earth shattering or notable while they occurred but that have crept into my mind time and time again since.

I’m sure some of it is the person you have it with. Who hasn’t lusted long term after someone only to find they didn’t live up to the unrealistic expectations you created for them? Or been surprised to discover feelings about someone you didn’t expect? You can’t detach sex from the people you have it with completely.

And sometimes you don’t want to. Sometimes it’s doing that particular thing with that person that makes it. I’ve never had a D/s relationship with anyone before my Master despite always being drawn to being submissive. He’s very much the person I want to be doing these things with.

I didn’t quite realise how far my Master pushed my boundaries (in a good way) until one night last year when I discovered being blindfolded for the first time. He told me to get dressed up in a skirt and stockings and kneel on my living room floor having blindfolded myself.

And I waited for him. I waited just long enough that I wondered if I’d mistaken his order and he wasn’t actually coming round, just seeing if I’d follow an instruction. I was just starting to doubt myself when he walked in through the front door and put his cock in my mouth.

I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t speak to him and it was terrifyingly exhilarating. He made me put my hands behind my back and pushed his cock down my throat making my eyes water but determined not to stop.

I was so preoccupied with each sensation of the experience I hadn’t even thought how it was making me feel until my Master slipped his hand up my skirt and touched my cunt lightly with his finger. And it quite literally dripped onto the carpet I was so wet.

He came in my throat and left me kneeling there on the floor, make up and tears running down the blindfold, dripping with myself down my own thighs and the taste of his come on my lips.

And I waited. I knew he’d left my flat but I had no idea where he’d gone. Was he waiting outside watching me to see if I was waiting for an instruction? Was he coming back? Had I missed an order while I was so preoccupied?

Then my phone buzzed and I knew it was him. I crawled across the floor to find it and had my permission to move again. But I’ve lost count of how many times my mind has gone back to that whole experience since.

It never fails to stimulate either my brain or my cunt and it’s because it was the moment I knew I was having the right experience with the right person…

Using Your Mind

Cake and Cock

I never quite seem to know what date it is so it’s very helpful when Facebook prompts you about someone’s birthday. In this case, it’s a close friend and I’d already remembered to send a card.

But sending the card didn’t prompt my memory of her birthday last year quite as clearly as that Facebook reminder. That was the night I discovered all the slutty fun you can have at the Barbican.

My friend was just about to move into a flat there so we all met in one of the bars for drinks before heading across to her new place together so we didn’t get lost in that confusing lay out.

As soon as we reached her flat, I told my friends I’d left my bank card in the bar and was nipping back to get it. In fact I was meeting a French guy in the bar to take him into the toilets and suck his cock on my Master’s orders.

I recognised him as I walked past and went to the toilets. I’d told him what I wearing and I knew he recognised me from my description. I texted him and told him which cubicle I was in and waited on my hands and knees for him.

He knocked and realised as he did that the door was slightly open. As soon as he came into the cubicle, he locked it behind him and lent against the door as I undid his flies. I’d already seen his cock on a picture he’d sent earlier and I was looking forward to having it in my mouth.

I love that feeling when you put a hard smooth cock in your mouth and still feel it get harder as your lips slide up and down it. That little twitch goes straight to my cunt every time and as I was wearing a pair of jiggle balls it had even more effect.

Kneeling in front of him in fishnets and a pencil skirt, him with his hands in my hair (it’s so odd thinking back to before I started wearing a wig) I sucked his cock until he came in my mouth.

He let himself out of the cubicle and went back to the seat where he’d left his drink while I checked to make sure I hadn’t destroyed my eyeliner. Then I walked out into the bar, kissed him on the lips, tasting of him and left without exchanging a word.

I texted my Master as I walked back to my friend’s flat and told him how wet the whole experience had made me. He told me to go into the bathroom at my friend’s flat and make myself come with four fingers inside me and not to make a noise.

The only noise I wanted to make was a thank you for that unbelievable orgasm while the noise of a party went on around me but the second I walked out the door, a cocktail and some cake was shoved into my hands and I couldn’t get to my phone to message my thanks for ages.

Instead I stood and chatted with old friends with the taste of come and gin on my lips and hopefully not too guilty (or self satisfied) a look on my face, very aware that I was still soaking wet and incredibly turned on.

When I did get to my phone finally, I discovered I’d missed the chance to meet up with someone else whose cock I could have sucked and come while I did it. That was definitely the night I realised I was completely my Master’s submissive slut…


Cake and Cock