Delayed Gratification

I’m not sure what’s up with me at the moment, but I seem to have great difficulty following my Master’s orders. Particularly around wearing the wig every day.

As soon as I have to wear around anyone I know who doesn’t know about Candi, I seem to freeze up. Wearing it round central London or away from home is fine. It makes me want to flirt in fact.

Wearing it close to home and in my day to day life has the opposite effect. It makes me incredibly self conscious to the point where when I went into the toilet while I was out yesterday, I ended up hiding instead of fisting myself until I came three times like my Master had instructed me to.

So today I need to try again. I need to go somewhere I can wear the wig without freaking out and have enough time, space and privacy to fist myself repeatedly. On a Saturday afternoon in London.

I’ve got one idea. I hope it works out as I think it might make things up to my Master.and because I can’t remember when I last came…

Delayed Gratification

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