Catch a Glimpse


panties in your cuntThe joys of living in a rented flat is that when the landlord gets round to fixing an issue you don’t get any warning. So I was woken up by strange men wanting into my flat and having to answer the door in a tee shirt with nothing underneath it, definitely not able to bend over or lift anything easily.

Both of the pigholes were still in the bathroom on the edge of the bath waiting to be put away and I smiled to myself that they look obscene but not so obviously a sex toy to most people that I might be able to get away with it.

The workmen are coming in and out of my flat as they need to and I still haven’t managed to put anymore clothes on. I feel like doing so would draw more attention to it all and instead I’m carrying on as normal.

If of course normal means writing about it and wondering what would happen if one of the workmen wanders in as I post one of the photos from Candi’s shoot on here especially when it shows them where I wear my panties…

Catch a Glimpse

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