5X6A7082I love getting ready for an encounter as Candi. Each step helps get me in the mood and ready to play.

I particularly enjoy making sure my cunt is smooth. The very first order my Master gave me when our relationship began was to shave myself smooth and I remember refusing. I hadn’t worked out at that stage that he doesn’t give orders lightly and that there’s always a good reason for them.

Several months later he repeated the order and this time I didn’t hesitate to comply. Shaving myself smooth means feel much more as my bare pussy is much more sensitive as I discovered the first time my Master fucked me afterwards.

The timing of the order meant that I also went smooth the week I got the piercing in my clit hood and my clean look makes it much easier to see the jewellery and remember why it’s there.

Now when I shave, the bite and rasp of the razor reminds me how I like to be ready to play with the feeling of what I’m wearing that day brushing against my bare skin since I don’t wear any underwear these days.

I should also use those sensations as a reminder of why my Master gives me orders…




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