After using the weighted plug last night and feeling it shift and move and get my ass nicely opened up, I decided it would be an excellent time to have another go with the larger glass plug I got recently.

I couldn’t manage to take it on my Master’s orders last week and I’ve been eyeing it up alongside the John Holmes toy since then to see if I can come that way on my two toy challenge.

My ass was so ready for it last night though. I warmed it up in my wet pussy first while slipping a lubed finger and then a second and then a third into my ass as I squirmed with how good it felt.

I barely needed any lube for the glass toy as it glided in easily right up to the base with ease. The curve on it pressed nicely on the wall of my pussy and made me feel filled up and ready to be fucked.

My only worry was that like with a lot of double penetration putting a bigger toy into my cunt would cause the toy in my ass to slip out and lose the stretched but filled feeling I so love.

No such issue this time. The angle of the curve on the glass toy meant that it stayed tightly in my ass as the big toy slipped into my soaking wet pussy and I could feel everything twice as much.

I started fucking myself deep and fast and I knew instantly I would be able to come that way with the wall between my ass and my cunt feeling stretched tight. My ass felt so good I wasn’t that surprised my orgasm started there instead of in my pussy.

I fucked myself harder and more intensely with the big toy and the orgasm came from my cunt too. I came so hard my feet lifted up off the bed and I expected one or other of the toys to slip out of me.

But the glass plug stayed so snug as I pulled the John Holmes toy out that I couldn’t bring myself to take it out at all. I’ve finally found a plug I can wear to sit and sleep in without discomfort. This one just kept me on the edge for hours afterwards like I could come again without much effort…


One thought on “Plug

  1. Oh congratulations. It’s so nice when you get just the right mixture of fullness and confidence that things’ll stay in place. I’ve been ill lately and haven’t anything in my boy-cunt for ages and I’m gagging for it, but I know it’ll be like starting again with the smallest toys. Which’ll be kinda fun.
    A lovely read. I hope you have lots more fun.
    sev x


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