It’s strange the things you suddenly notice when you start blogging about your training from your Master. I seem to see smut in the oddest places and my mind starts to run away with itself.

I hate not having my nails perfectly painted. It’s just a habit I have. I always wear nail polish on both my finger and toes because it adds interest for me. I had no idea until I went on Clips 4 Sale that some people get a different kind of kick out of it and like to watch women painting their nails.

But tonight when I was about to paint my toe nails I realised there actually something about it. I’m wearing a dress with my legs and feet completely bare and propping them up to give a nice neat pedicure gives a rather nice upskirt view.

Before I started painting my fingernails it seemed like an excellent idea to use one of the new weighted plugs I bought the other week so that each time I lifted or lowered my leg, I would get a little frisson in my ass and hopefully get my cunt wet while I worked.

Almost as good as imagining someone looking up my dress is looking down it from above and seeing how much my pussy has changed since my Master started training me. My lips used to be much closer together and now they gape open from being stretched.

I can’t decide if it looks like I’ve just been fucked or am ready to be fucked seeing them spread like that but it’s definitely evidence of my growing gape which I like immensely. I wonder how much difference can be seen from looking up from below too?

I definitely need to train a sissy slave to kneel in front of me to find out…


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