Day out

I didn’t have an opportunity to blog yesterday as I was spending the day with my Master. We’d arranged to spend some time with mutual friends having lunch and maybe watching a movie.

I’m not a huge cinema goer usually but I was immediately intrigued to see what he might get me to do while I was sitting in the dark surrounded by people who know nothing about our relationship.

Almost as soon as the arrangement was made publicly he reminded me privately that while this was going on, I would be wearing the biggest plug possible in my pussy and to wait for his remaining orders.

Just before we were to meet, he messaged me to instruct me that I needed to have a shockingly small waist today and to make sure my nipple piercings were visible through my clothes so at most a quarter cup bra.

Everything else was my choice. I’m not used to making choices and it slightly unnerved me which I told him. To help out, he instructed that I should wear my choice of wig to make sure I had Candi’s mindset.

Being unaccustomed to making decisions and feeling slightly flustered by all the aspects of the afternoon I was already juggling, I asked permission not to wear any wig but my own hair.

He agreed as long as I made it up to him in other ways. Namely leaving the cinema halfway through and fisting myself with the fist toy. I was half way to meet him when I got the order and immediately went back to get it.

The extra detour and walking meant that by the time I arrived to meet him I could feel the plug in my pussy so much that I was so wet I had soaked through my tights and was glad I’d worn a black dress.

Between that and being able to feel my nipples being completely exposed against the fabric of my dress in the harness bra I was wearing and I was as flustered as I thought I’d be by the time we decided what to watch.

It could have been anything frankly. I spent the entire film only able to concentrate on my soaking wet cunt and the plug in it. I’ve worn that large black butt plug from Lovehoney in my pussy plenty of times, but I’ve never sat in for more than a few minutes at a time.

All I could feel was the base jammed tight and full against me as I sat, catching my piercing at certain angles and sending sensation through me that just made me want to squirm. And when I squirmed the head of it pressed against my cervix in that mix of pleasure and pain that makes me want to writhe.

I was trying to keep an eye on the film, even if just to try and work out a good moment to sneak out of the auditorium, let alone discuss it afterwards. I have no idea how long it was with my mind on my cunt and trying not to show my Master just how distracted I was.

And then it was the end. I’d missed my chance and disobeyed a second order. Part of me has never been so relieved to stand up and part of me was furious with myself. My master got some revenge by making sure I walked further than needed to our lunch booking, but I wonder what else I’ll need to do to make my failings up to him…

Day out

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