Out and Inside


My Master gave me an instruction when I was out and about today to carry the Belladonna Bitch Fist toy in my handbag.

I enjoyed knowing it was there as I shopped, feeling the weight of it as I browsed and having to be careful as I opened my bag for my purse each time making sure neither it or the bottle of lube were obvious.

Just knowing it was there felt deliciously illicit and had my mind wandering while I ran my errands. Yet I was still surprised when my Master messaged me and told me to find a bathroom immediately, spread my legs and slide the fist toy into my cunt.

Handily I was right by a hotel and know well that hotel toilets are very useful places for all kinds. And even more handily, after my little trip at rush hour yesterday, I’d decided to wear stockings again today instead of tights.

My smooth shaved cunt was already wet from my wandering mind and when my Master told me to picture my lips around his cock and and come hard and fast for him on my knees, it didn’t take much effort along with a little lube to slip the fist toy into me and make myself come.

Hearing people moving round outside as I fucked myself hard trying not to let my feet or back thud against the door or make any noise, even for me was both incredibly hot and incredibly difficult. Nothing makes you want to make noise like knowing you can’t.

I ended up gasping with my legs shaking and holding myself up with my bare ass against the wall before I could gather myself enough to thank my Master for the unexpected orgasmic distraction. Only when I’d got myself together again I realised in my rush I hadn’t locked the door properly.

I walked back out onto the street feeling my slippery pussy under my dress knowing my Master was looking at the photo I’d just sent him. I was almost more turned on by that than when I was following the order.

In fact when I got home a while later I was still so soaking I discovered I’d left a wet patch on the back of my dress from sitting down and squeezing my thighs together thinking about it…

Out and Inside

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