Good Morning

I was woken up by my Master this morning asking where I was. When he heard I was in bed he instructed me to slip the black glass plug I wrote about last night into my pussy immediately.

The plug slipped easily into my cunt which was instantly wet on his order. Lying there awaiting his next instruction to start lubing my ass and slipping my fingers into it until I managed three, I could feel the plug slipping out because my pussy was so slick.

I used a little of that and a lot of the bottle of lube by the bed to get my ass as slippery as well and slipped the first finger inside slowly, feeling my ass clench round it. The attempt at the second didn’t go so well and I knew that I definitely wasn’t doing to be able to manage three or the plug.

When I told my Master my ass wasn’t obeying his orders, he generously offered me a substitute for the anal orgasm I’d failed to give myself. Using the Bombshell toy, I could fuck myself to orgasm without touching my clit instead.

I’ve never been able to get that toy in before beyond the very tip. It’s huge and so incredibly solid and more challenging on my cunt than the bigger butternut squash I used at the weekend.

This morning I was able to slip the whole of the head in right to the ridge and send my Master a video of me doing it. Meaning that although it wasn’t quite slipping in as easily as one finger would it I didn’t need both hands this time because I was so wet and so stretched.

I started fucking myself slowly and steadily and then as the sensation of filled up started to build, I went faster and shallower using the ridges on the toy to effect and suddenly the filled up feeling went to pleasant to painful and I knew I wouldn’t come.

My Master and I were both slightly disappointed that my body was refusing to help out but he reminded me that he’s trained my orgasms so well my cunt knows it should only be coming from my mouth on someone else or two toys at a time.

I thought I’d be frustrated I didn’t come but I ended up falling asleep again with that glorious feeling of a well fucked pussy at the back of my mind. And my mind went through all kinds of filthy thoughts as I napped.

I woke up feeling incredibly refreshed and incredibly wet. And reminding myself of my morning is making me even wetter now. I should have asked my Master permission to keep something in there all day to enjoy the feeling even more…

Good Morning

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