New Toys

So my box of anal toys arrived on Saturday. Sadly not quite in time to try them for the first time at my shoot, although it was very tempting to have it captured on camera the first time I used them.

I’m looking forward to trying the largest of them which is a beautiful black glass number with a ring handled base. I’ve never used an anal toy with as big a base or that’s as long and curved before.

I plan to slip it into my pussy first to let the glass warm up. I like my glass toys cold in a hot wet cunt but in my ass I prefer them as warmed up as I like my ass to be when my Master fucks it.

I always use lots of lube with anal toys as much to feel prepared as be prepared, but there’s something glorious about using your own wetness to enhance the lube as I press the head of the toy against my ass.

It will feel like I couldn’t possibly fit anything in there because it feels so tight and then there’s a second when the toy starts push inside and I feel the weight of it in my cunt but my ass still isn’t sure.

There’s a feeling of pressure that’s almost uncomfortable and almost makes me want to stop, but also to lean back into it and then my ass opens up and the toy glides right inside and fills me up.

Even a couple of months ago I couldn’t get any more from it that the delicious feeling of being all filled up and stretched out, but my Master’s training has got me to a stage where I can come from anal alone.

He taught me with his cock but now when a toy curves round and presses onto my full cunt I can feel the orgasm start in my ass and finish as my pussy pushes its own toy out and it reminds me how it feels when My Master comes into my ass.

I’m very much looking forward to my new toy just thinking about it…

New Toys

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