Delayed Gratification

I’m not sure what’s up with me at the moment, but I seem to have great difficulty following my Master’s orders. Particularly around wearing the wig every day.

As soon as I have to wear around anyone I know who doesn’t know about Candi, I seem to freeze up. Wearing it round central London or away from home is fine. It makes me want to flirt in fact.

Wearing it close to home and in my day to day life has the opposite effect. It makes me incredibly self conscious to the point where when I went into the toilet while I was out yesterday, I ended up hiding instead of fisting myself until I came three times like my Master had instructed me to.

So today I need to try again. I need to go somewhere I can wear the wig without freaking out and have enough time, space and privacy to fist myself repeatedly. On a Saturday afternoon in London.

I’ve got one idea. I hope it works out as I think it might make things up to my Master.and because I can’t remember when I last came…

Delayed Gratification

Back and Forth

I came so close to completely taking the whole ass servant toy on Saturday that I just had to try again last night to see if I could just stretch that little bit further over the ridge at the base and let the whole toy slide up and out into my cunt and be allowed to come according to my Master’s challenge.

When I first got the toy in early March I was convinced I’d never manage it all either in length or girth and I’d never got further than half way until Saturday when my cunt just seemed to open up and allow it glide inside with ease.

I was so stretched after an afternoon’s filming as I straddled the toy that I really couldn’t tell from the feelings in my cunt if I’d taken the whole thing. I was having to gauge by how much lower I was sitting on my knees than when I started rather than anything else.

And I stopped just shy of the ridge that would have meant my cunt closed round the toy, stretched incredibly wide yet filled right up. I just knew that if I let my cunt go the extra few centimetres, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from coming and I didn’t have permission to since I had no toy in my ass.

I’ve been kicking myself ever since and dying to see just how much of that black silicone my pussy can gobble up again. I definitely got further playing by myself last night than any other time I’ve played with it on my own, but I couldn’t get anywhere near as close as I did on Saturday. Maybe having the toy in my ass makes more difference than I expected?

But I did feel so much more stretched last night. I can’t wait to take the whole toy, but I also want to really feel it when I do…

Back and Forth

Everyday Sluttery

No less than three people have commented this week on the extraordinary sluttiness of my life, ranging from suggesting I have a dedication to the world of sex to telling me my life is like a XXX Carry On film. It’s never occurred to me that it was unusual until now.

But now that other people keep mentioning it, I’m starting to see that it might be slightly different to a lot of women’s lives. Although I’m also slightly worried that it might sound made up like some kind of readers wives on a blog.

I can guarantee it’s not. I don’t seem to be lead my life without straying into slutty territory whether its ending up fucking one of the couriers that comes to my house or having to hide the latex when people come round.

Imagine how bored I’d be if my life was different…

Everyday Sluttery

Catch a Glimpse


panties in your cuntThe joys of living in a rented flat is that when the landlord gets round to fixing an issue you don’t get any warning. So I was woken up by strange men wanting into my flat and having to answer the door in a tee shirt with nothing underneath it, definitely not able to bend over or lift anything easily.

Both of the pigholes were still in the bathroom on the edge of the bath waiting to be put away and I smiled to myself that they look obscene but not so obviously a sex toy to most people that I might be able to get away with it.

The workmen are coming in and out of my flat as they need to and I still haven’t managed to put anymore clothes on. I feel like doing so would draw more attention to it all and instead I’m carrying on as normal.

If of course normal means writing about it and wondering what would happen if one of the workmen wanders in as I post one of the photos from Candi’s shoot on here especially when it shows them where I wear my panties…

Catch a Glimpse



Aubergines and G spot toyMy idea of size has changed radically since meeting my Master. Both my pussy and my ass were so tight when our relationship started that a cock filled me right up. Now I’m interested not just in being filled up, but stretched and pushed further.

I bought that pink toy last March and it took a lot of work by my Master to get it in my ass first time. Now I look at it and think it seems so small for my ass and barely a warm up for my pussy.

At my shoot on Saturday I momentarily got confused as to which pighole was which because I don’t think the largest one looks as big as I think it should, yet I was terrified by the smaller one first time I saw it a few months ago.

I still think the ass servant toy is enormous though which is why I’m so pleased to have almost taken it all the other day. I might have to find someone who can grow aubergines that big next…


Ass Play

Gaping pussy with toy in ass

I am often so enjoying putting things in my cunt that I forget I can be putting things in my ass too. This is one of the reasons I’m enjoying my last Lovehoney spree so much and my Master’s current challenge with the largest toy possible in each.

Yesterday’s shoot focused heavily on ass play though. I learned why cutting all my hair off as a teenager was a disadvantage in someways since I never had a hairbrush to put the handle of in my ass while I played with myself. (I did get to fuck my hairdresser though so it balanced up.)

I also used my new favourite black glass plug because I can’t get enough of it right now and that got me ready to try figging for the first time. For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it involves slipping a piece of peeled fresh ginger into your ass and allowing the sensations to build.

I was slightly nervous that it would be unpleasant but it ended up being the perfect mix of pleasure pain instead. As the tingle turned to a burn in my ass, my cunt started literally watering. I had to stop fairly soon in because I didn’t have permission to come from my Master and with sensations like this, I couldn’t have stopped myself otherwise.

The only other thing that makes me scream like this is when my Master fists me from behind. Just thinking about him combining the two makes me knees go weak. It would definitely cure my silent tendencies.

And the best thing about a toy in my ass is how much more open it gets my cunt. Wait til you see how much more of the ass servant toy I took…


Ass Play