So Close

So my good mood last night took me to bed early with a glass butt plug and my little gold vibrator and a desperate urge to come. Strangely the last couple of weeks I’ve been distracted enough that I’ve been able to think about other thing apart from orgasms.

But now that my Master has given me a challenge I can work on, my brain and my cunt seemed to be instantly connected and I was wet all day waiting for the moment I’d have time to try.

I haven’t used that glass plug for ages. I love the feel of a glass toy but this one needs to be slightly fatter for me as it slips out so easily but I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of something in my ass for the first time in a while.

The little gold toy however barely touched the sides. Two fingers would have done more for sure. I had to resort to putting the toy inside me on full power (which compared to the wand seems like someone blowing on your skin) and then slipping the plug back in to make it feel like I was filled up.

But I still couldn’t come. I was close enough that I squirted and ejaculated as both toys pushed out of me but didn’t actually tip over the edge into an orgasm. My ruined orgasm sort of proved how much my Master has ruined my cunt in a good way…

So Close

Joys and Toys

all toys

I’ve been in a ridiculously good mood all day. I almost found myself humming as I was doing my shopping earlier and I’ve definitely been grinning all day.

Maybe it was my good night’s sleep or maybe it was the fact my Master has given me a way to come that doesn’t involve another person, rather my extensive selection of sex toys instead.

After I’d lined them all up in order of size and taken a photo to show him so on his orders, he gave me a new task to fulfil.

Starting with the two smallest toys, I had to completely take a toy in my ass while fucking my cunt with the other and without touching my clit, I could come. Each time I increased the size of either toy, I could come again.

It sounds deceptively easy doesn’t it? Well firstly, I’m not allowed to start until I’d blogged about here and I’m not allowed to size up each time until I’ve described the experience here either.

And secondly, the first toy I have to fuck my cunt with that little gold vibrator you see above and it’s the size of about two of my delicate lady-sized fingers. It might have filled me right up when I first met my Master, but I’m not sure I can even feel it now let along come with it.

I am counting down the minutes til I get all my work done this evening and can find out though. I suspect I might have quite a few blog posts for you to read over the long weekend too at this rate…

Joys and Toys

Horse Play

I’m not quite sure what’s in the air at the moment but my weekend seemed to involve a lot of discussion of horses with all the undertones and entendres you’d expect.

First came the suggestion that I could start measuring the size of my sex toys in hands because they are getting so big mere inches don’t do them justice.

Then came a lunch with a friend of my Master. Completely unaware of my relationship with him, he and the other people I was spending the afternoon with were also completely unaware that my Master had set me a successions of challenges for the afternoon.

So as we started playing a board game based around questions about horses, they were all blissfully unaware that my Master had instructed me on the way there to buy a grapefruit and slip it into my cunt.

I sat through each round of the game gripping my thighs tighter and hoping that I wouldn’t get the card that instructed me to trot round the room. It had been interesting enough to squeeze a citrus fruit into my cunt without lube as it was. High stepping about with it inside would have unravelled me.

Instead I got to casually show off my knowledge that a hand in horse measurements is in fact 4 inches while smiling to myself innocently and trying to complete my other challenges of steering the conversation round to sex and sex toys enough so that my lunch companions would be shocked by what I get up to when I’m not even being Candi.

I was instructed to complain how long it is since I got laid or had an orgasm and ask for advice on how to deal with either. Amusingly when the conversation came to meeting people, the consensus was that looking for someone in an open relationship is a good idea.

I was less successful on sex toys as the conversation just kept coming back round to riding crops and discussions of leather. My mind has been starting to wander to being spanked recently.

I think it’s no surprise that I roundly lost the game we were playing while I was so distracted by a vision of being on my hands and knees with my Master spanking my naked ass and fisting me from behind during that conversation…


Horse Play

Black Magic

latex stockings

I definitely managed to take more of the huge black Ass Servant toy in my cunt last night to the point where I think the length was as much the issue as the width.

I can definitely stretch the width of my cunt but I have limits to what I can do with the depth of it but it won’t stop me trying to play with it.

I was incredibly wet and stretched last night by the time I got there because I’d spent the evening discussing wearing latex and doing obscene things with people on FetLife. My mind and cunt are very much connected.

Tonight will be following a very similar path, but first I’ve been polishing my latex and I’m wearing a plug in my ass and one in my pussy as I do it. Both black of course…

Black Magic

How Could I Forget?

servant plug

My Master has just reminded me that he had actually set me two possible ways to achieve my elusive orgasm and now that he’s jogged my memory I can’t believe it slipped my mind that I was also allowed to come if I could take the huge Ass Servant toy in my cunt.

I’ve been holding back on playing with it as much as I wanted to for fear of breaking the rules and now I’m half amused I forgot about the biggest sex toy I’ve ever seen and half annoyed I’ve wasted so much time.

No prizes for guessing what I’m going to be doing with my Friday night though…

How Could I Forget?


female cum on water bottle

In between sending messages to people all week about filthy things I would like to do them in order to be able to access my next orgasm, I seem to have been doing a lot of reading.

Another piece by Exhibit A caught my eye. All about edging and orgasm denial, it struck quite a chord since it’s been just over a month since I last came.

Part of me is huffing slightly that my Master is engineering this situation and tempted to cheat by quickly and efficiently making myself come without anyone knowing about it.

Then I remind myself of several things and change my mind. My Master has given me very clear rules as to how I can obtain my orgasm and it’s up to me to fulfil them. The only thing worse than not coming for a month, is not coming for a month and telling my Master I gave up on one of his orders.

And how disappointing would it be after all that denial to have a standard basic orgasm like the kind you give yourself to simply entertain yourself or help you sleep. It’s like giving up chocolate or booze for Lent and rewarding yourself with a Milkybar or a can of Tesco Value lager.

Instead I have plans afoot for breaking my accidental Lenten orgasm fast next week just as the long weekend starts. Much better than anything either a rabbit or the Easter Bunny could bring me…


Just a Number

I’m a huge fan of Exhibit A’s writing (to the point where my phone autofills the link for this story which manages to make nail clippers get my cunt soaking wet) but I was slightly trepidatious when I saw a link to a guest post about ‘older women‘.

I was ready to run if I saw the word cougar mentioned especially in the sniggering terms it often gets spoken about, but I needn’t have feared. The piece was extremely complimentary without being patronising and in many cases matched my own experiences of being in my late 30s.

Until I met my Master, I had never been an older woman. In fact the man I was seeing when I met him was in his mid fifties while my Master was in his twenties. Ironically my Master has taught me many things I didn’t know about or how to do to myself while the older man enjoyed me showing him new tricks.

I like the idea that you’re never too old or experienced to stop learning from other people but as someone so sexually submissive, I find it nerve wracking to be the one doing the teaching.

I think it was finally understanding my own love of submission and turning 35 at the point when I met my Master that’s allowed me to take my sluttiness into new territory recently.

It’s incredibly liberating to be encouraged by him but not have people in the rest of the life know anything about what Candi gets up to so I never need to worry what they’d be thinking about me…



Just a Number