Butt Why Not

My Master has instructed me to wear a plug at night again after I’ve got into bad habits and forgotten to for a while. I put my favourite one in last night and slept so well I realised that means I wasn’t feeling it at all.

And then Lovehoney sent me a 20% off anal toys voucher code today and I decided I really should upgrade to another plug that comfortably reminds me it’s there. I’m a bit Goldilocks with butt plugs though.

I don’t want too long, or too wide and I prefer them curved if I’m going to wear them overnight. My favourite so far was the horribly named Booty Call which was also the cheapest one Lovehoney do and only bought to make up an offer on an order.

If they do one that’s basically the next size up and in the same shape, I’ll be very happy indeed. Most plugs are aimed at men and are simply too long for me as a relatively petite woman who would like to sit down during the day.

It needs to be big enough to stretch me slowly, make me forget occasionally it’s there so I can have the joy of remembering again and distract myself and I’d prefer if it didn’t have any glitter or gemstones on it. I want my ass to have better orgasms, not sparkle gently.

Now let’s see if I can restrict myself to buying only one toy on Lovehoney while I’m at it…

Butt Why Not

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