Ahead of Myself

As I explained the other day, my Master has set me a new challenge to allow me to come after my Lenten sacrifice. And if I was worried things would have changed after six weeks of not having come, I needn’t have been.

My Master still knows me well enough to know that left to my own devices I’ll be impatient as hell, extremely bad at strategy and basically only focused on an immediate orgasm.

So when he asked what I was going for with my third attempt to come the other night, he expressed no surprise when I said I was using the same purple plug as the night before but with the big John Holmes toy in my pussy at the same time.

The raised eyebrow he gave me was more a warning that I was fucking myself into a corner because each time I come I need to go bigger with the toys. But I was so cock hungry basically that I didn’t stop to think that I was running the risk of ending up with toys too big for me to actually come with.

Instead I went ahead and fucked myself to a ridiculous orgasm, coming from both my ass and pussy at the same time. The plug slipped right out of my ass as I did which surprised me and makes me hopefully that I can finally take the largest Lovehoney plug I’ve got when I try again tonight.

But if I can’t, I really should have listened to my Master’s warning more closely or I’ve run out of orgasms again so soon…

Ahead of Myself

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