My Master reminded me the other day that we are more than 3 months into the year and told me to write a post on how far I’ve come on the list he gave me at the very beginning of the new year.

He very rarely gives me a direct order on what to write here and I was annoyed with myself that it’s taken me two days to achieve the order and write this piece.

I’m also slightly disappointed with myself that now I look again at the list, I’ve achieved less of it than I would have liked by now. The temptation is to make excuses for it, but I think he’d appreciate action more.

  1. Deepthroat my cock
  2. Take his fist in my ass
  3. Pierce your tongue
  4. Train your waist to 24″ in a corset
  5. Spend a night in a sex club wearing blackout contacts
  6. Take both his hands in my cunt
  7. Be fucked by three guys at once
  8. Make 10 people come in one night
  9. Spend a night with a girl
  10. Train my own sissy slave
  11. Get a tattoo
  12. Wear a wig and butt plug every time I go out for a month
  13. Keep a public blog of my training

So far the only one I have actually done is keep a public blog of my training which is how I started the year off. I had no idea how much fun it would be and how much I would enjoy it but over 7000 views and a hundred plus posts later, I am loving it.

Otherwise I’ve been working on some of the others. I’m wearing a plug a lot of the time and being rewarded by the increase in orgasms, but still struggling with the thought of wearing a wig every time I go out.

I’ve been trying to find both the right sissy to train and a girl to spend the night with but haven’t found either yet (feel free to email me if you’d like to volunteer though!) I can’t decide if this is because other people are often flaky as fuck or if I really lack the authoritative tone and control of a top required to get people to do actually do things?

I suspect it’s an aspect of people being unreliable but mainly compounded with my lack of comfort with giving an order and expecting it to be followed. I’m still learning how to be a good submissive to my dominant that I don’t seem to be able to switch at all at the moment.

It’ll be interesting to see if I ever can or whether as I suspect I’m naturally submissive and most comfortable within that dynamic and need to find a way to adapt that to follow my Master’s orders while prioritising him but interacting with other people who take charge.

Luckily I’m making progress on the waist training before it seems like I haven’t even followed his orders yet this year. I’ve seasoned two 26″ corsets and can enjoy wearing them fully laced for long periods of time. I’ve also been wearing my waist trainer so much I only forgo it to sleep or shower in now and can definitely see the difference in the shape of my body when I do.

Hopefully these achievements bode well for the rest of the challenges for the rest of the year…


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