I’m not entirely sure if my Master planned it this way or it was helped along by circumstance (and I’m not sure it matters now) but I ended up accidentally giving up orgasms for Lent.

I have never given anything up for Lent before in my life and quite honestly if I was going to pick something, this idea would never have occurred to me, but strangely it’s been oddly satisfying in a perverse, rather than perverted way.

I did find myself last night Googling when Lent technically ended but in the end it was just after midnight when I got to play with my purple plug and pink toy so I’d have been safe even on a technicality.

I’d forgotten how good that long skinny plug feels with its very big round base and both my Master and I were surprised how much I could feel the pink G spot toy with its little bulb shaped head.

With the two pushing together and a sense that come hell or high water, I was going to come I fucked myself to an orgasm surprisingly quickly. I was expecting something mind blowing after waiting so long but in the end it was a perfectly enjoyable orgasm that also left me incredibly relaxed and made me sleep incredibly deeply.

Which is why I’m up early on a Bank Holiday writing a blog post. You’ll of course remember I have to have blogged about the previous orgasm before I can have another…


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