Joys and Toys

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I’ve been in a ridiculously good mood all day. I almost found myself humming as I was doing my shopping earlier and I’ve definitely been grinning all day.

Maybe it was my good night’s sleep or maybe it was the fact my Master has given me a way to come that doesn’t involve another person, rather my extensive selection of sex toys instead.

After I’d lined them all up in order of size and taken a photo to show him so on his orders, he gave me a new task to fulfil.

Starting with the two smallest toys, I had to completely take a toy in my ass while fucking my cunt with the other and without touching my clit, I could come. Each time I increased the size of either toy, I could come again.

It sounds deceptively easy doesn’t it? Well firstly, I’m not allowed to start until I’d blogged about here and I’m not allowed to size up each time until I’ve described the experience here either.

And secondly, the first toy I have to fuck my cunt with that little gold vibrator you see above and it’s the size of about two of my delicate lady-sized fingers. It might have filled me right up when I first met my Master, but I’m not sure I can even feel it now let along come with it.

I am counting down the minutes til I get all my work done this evening and can find out though. I suspect I might have quite a few blog posts for you to read over the long weekend too at this rate…

Joys and Toys

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