Horse Play

I’m not quite sure what’s in the air at the moment but my weekend seemed to involve a lot of discussion of horses with all the undertones and entendres you’d expect.

First came the suggestion that I could start measuring the size of my sex toys in hands because they are getting so big mere inches don’t do them justice.

Then came a lunch with a friend of my Master. Completely unaware of my relationship with him, he and the other people I was spending the afternoon with were also completely unaware that my Master had set me a successions of challenges for the afternoon.

So as we started playing a board game based around questions about horses, they were all blissfully unaware that my Master had instructed me on the way there to buy a grapefruit and slip it into my cunt.

I sat through each round of the game gripping my thighs tighter and hoping that I wouldn’t get the card that instructed me to trot round the room. It had been interesting enough to squeeze a citrus fruit into my cunt without lube as it was. High stepping about with it inside would have unravelled me.

Instead I got to casually show off my knowledge that a hand in horse measurements is in fact 4 inches while smiling to myself innocently and trying to complete my other challenges of steering the conversation round to sex and sex toys enough so that my lunch companions would be shocked by what I get up to when I’m not even being Candi.

I was instructed to complain how long it is since I got laid or had an orgasm and ask for advice on how to deal with either. Amusingly when the conversation came to meeting people, the consensus was that looking for someone in an open relationship is a good idea.

I was less successful on sex toys as the conversation just kept coming back round to riding crops and discussions of leather. My mind has been starting to wander to being spanked recently.

I think it’s no surprise that I roundly lost the game we were playing while I was so distracted by a vision of being on my hands and knees with my Master spanking my naked ass and fisting me from behind during that conversation…


Horse Play

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