female cum on water bottle

In between sending messages to people all week about filthy things I would like to do them in order to be able to access my next orgasm, I seem to have been doing a lot of reading.

Another piece by Exhibit A caught my eye. All about edging and orgasm denial, it struck quite a chord since it’s been just over a month since I last came.

Part of me is huffing slightly that my Master is engineering this situation and tempted to cheat by quickly and efficiently making myself come without anyone knowing about it.

Then I remind myself of several things and change my mind. My Master has given me very clear rules as to how I can obtain my orgasm and it’s up to me to fulfil them. The only thing worse than not coming for a month, is not coming for a month and telling my Master I gave up on one of his orders.

And how disappointing would it be after all that denial to have a standard basic orgasm like the kind you give yourself to simply entertain yourself or help you sleep. It’s like giving up chocolate or booze for Lent and rewarding yourself with a Milkybar or a can of Tesco Value lager.

Instead I have plans afoot for breaking my accidental Lenten orgasm fast next week just as the long weekend starts. Much better than anything either a rabbit or the Easter Bunny could bring me…


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