Just a Number

I’m a huge fan of Exhibit A’s writing (to the point where my phone autofills the link for this story which manages to make nail clippers get my cunt soaking wet) but I was slightly trepidatious when I saw a link to a guest post about ‘older women‘.

I was ready to run if I saw the word cougar mentioned especially in the sniggering terms it often gets spoken about, but I needn’t have feared. The piece was extremely complimentary without being patronising and in many cases matched my own experiences of being in my late 30s.

Until I met my Master, I had never been an older woman. In fact the man I was seeing when I met him was in his mid fifties while my Master was in his twenties. Ironically my Master has taught me many things I didn’t know about or how to do to myself while the older man enjoyed me showing him new tricks.

I like the idea that you’re never too old or experienced to stop learning from other people but as someone so sexually submissive, I find it nerve wracking to be the one doing the teaching.

I think it was finally understanding my own love of submission and turning 35 at the point when I met my Master that’s allowed me to take my sluttiness into new territory recently.

It’s incredibly liberating to be encouraged by him but not have people in the rest of the life know anything about what Candi gets up to so I never need to worry what they’d be thinking about me…



Just a Number

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