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My nipples have been on my mind this weekend. I lost the ball off one of my piercings on Friday night. The annoyance of having put the bar back in myself until I could see my piercer was somewhat cancelled out by the strange sight of seeing my naked nipple without its jewellery for the first time in months.

It looked so plain and ordinary and wrong. I’d considered getting my nipples pierced years ago long long before I met my Master when I was a teenager but it just never happened.

Then last year my Master mentioned almost casually that he was thinking of having my nipples pierced. I’m not sure what response he expected but within a few hours, I’d booked the appointment and paid the deposit to have them done the next week.

They are definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done. So much more sensitivity. I’m so incredibly aware of my nipples now from brushing against fabric to when my Master plays with them.

The first time he played and pulled with them after they were pierced while I sucked his cock, he got me so wet I actually dripped on the living room carpet as he came in my mouth.

They feel so right being pierced that it’s disappointing my Master’s choice in jewellery didn’t fit them. I was supposed to wear rings with ‘fuck’ and ‘suck’ on each side to remind me of my favourite things to do in life…


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